Bob Woodward on New Book Detailing Debt Crisis

The journalist interviewed John Boehner and President Obama for "The Price of Politics."
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Bob Woodward on New Book Detailing Debt Crisis
just heard bob woodward, the author of "the price of politics" going on bookstores shelves today. You say that presidents largely work their will. But you reach the conclusion, in this case, in this struggle, barack obama did not. Yes. Simply because our financial house is not in order, of the -- the big debate last year about the debt ceiling and whether the u.S. Government is going to be able to pay its bills. It isn't over. We're going to be right back in that soup in december and january. And this isn't a budget issue or a credit rating issue. This is -- is the government going to have its money to pay its bills? And in the end, that's the president's job, yes. It's congress' job, too. But there's such a thing as presidential leadership. As you know, the white house takes exception to the conclusion. Yesterday, jay carney, the white house press secretary, that you said the president lacked the stamina in the relationships to get this done. Here's what jay carney said yesterday. It's a funny conclusion to reach, given how many hours the president spent with the leaders of congress of both parties in this these negotiations. I'm not sure what imagine tall past people are invoking that they imagine accomplishments were achieved in policy matters at a dinner in georgetown. It doesn't happen. Your response? Look, it's quite obvious that obama has a distance from these people. He doesn't spend the time. He hasn't built the relationships. And those human relationships matter. You know, it's interesting that it is the anniversary of 9/11 today. And as you may recall, five weeks before 9/11, george bush received that top-secret briefing, the warning, bin laden determined to strike in the united states. They didn't do enough. In the sense, this book is a warning document. We're right back in the problem. And this can affect everyone in a very serious way. But as you know, a lot of your critics have said, the president was facing an implacable foe. The republicans on a crusade. What should voters take away? We're only 56 days away. You studied this for a couple of years. What should voters take away going to the polls? They can look at it. People have read it the other way and said, the republicans are a brick wall, which they are. And it's really hard to get around them. But you know, world war ii was hard to win. But president roosevelt made sure that we won it. And that's what presidents are there for. And it depends on how high you're going to raise the bar and what your level of expectation is. And I think the public should have the highest expectation of their leaders. Bob woodward, "the price of politics" goes on sale today. Amy?

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{"id":17207325,"title":"Bob Woodward on New Book Detailing Debt Crisis","duration":"3:00","description":"The journalist interviewed John Boehner and President Obama for \"The Price of Politics.\"","url":"/GMA/video/bob-woodward-price-politics-book-details-debt-crisis-17207325","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}