Body Linked to 'Craigslist' Killings

Controversial website believed used by killer luring people in with fake ads.
2:46 | 11/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Body Linked to 'Craigslist' Killings
Ohio where police believe they may have a new Craigslist killer or killers on their hands three bodies have turned -- buried in shallow graves and police think. They may mean the victims of a serial killer exploiting people who are desperate for a job. ABC's TJ -- is here now with the story TJ good morning. Dave good morning to you it's been called robbery by appointment criminals using online -- services to find their victims. This latest case in Ohio appears to be a chilling example of how robbery by appointment can turn into something much more sinister. Posted October 7 it looked like thousands of other help wanted ads on Craigslist. The job caretaker for a farm in southern Ohio. Simply watch over a 68080. Acre patch of hilly farmland. Opportunity of a lifetime they're looking for someone to basically watch it but according to authorities that opportunity of a lifetime was only devious -- a way to -- single divorced -- to a remote location where they were robbed and killed. November 15 -- -- which turns out to be 51 year old David -- of Norfolk Virginia is founded on hand dug grave. Friday two more bodies are discovered in shallow graves one has been identified as 47 year old Timothy Curran a divorced dad of three sons. The cause of death has been ruled. Gunshot wound to the head in his -- built homicide. To summit county men have been held since last week in connection with the murders. 52 year old Richard Beasley of Akron and sixteen year old broken referee -- Lee's mother says her son it was a -- toward Iraq Freddie. You think -- we have taken a church and humans seminary years old. Police were led to the pair by a -- Carolina man who also answered the ad. But he says he escaped after being shot in the -- November 6. Heather Tuttle one of the dozens of other responders to the posting was initially disappointed she didn't get the job. I just instantly got sick to my stomach. Just thinking how lucky I was because it could have very well -- me how to got a response back. Experts say criminals love Craig's list because they can remain anonymous. You can place an ad -- somebody to a particular location -- them. Kill them scam them. And there's really no way to identify you federal and local authorities fear in this league this case. They are dealing with the serial killer. And that's why the FBI continues to investigate as if there may be more victims out there. Richard Beasley who has not yet been charged in this case maintains his innocence but you know. Security experts tell us if -- gonna apply for a job online make sure US planning of probing questions to make sure it isn't a scam.

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{"id":15035023,"title":"Body Linked to 'Craigslist' Killings","duration":"2:46","description":"Controversial website believed used by killer luring people in with fake ads. ","url":"/GMA/video/body-linked-craigslist-killings-15035023","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}