Body on Queen's Estate There for '1 to 4 Months'

London police say young woman was most likely the victim of foul play.
2:33 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Body on Queen's Estate There for '1 to 4 Months'
Get right to the murder mystery. Unfolding at the -- to state authorities saying the body found on New Year's Day was a young woman who was most likely the victim of foul play -- nick walked. As much more from there this morning good morning -- Good morning -- well we've just heard from police within the last few minutes that the body was that of a young white woman aged between. Fifteen and 23 years old and she lay dead here in these woods. For up to four months. The royal family spent the holidays here at -- and the day after Christmas as always they hunted across this land. Compositing unknowingly perhaps within feet of the mystery corpse went back and -- told -- New Year's Day locals are starving and -- -- -- -- thing you expect Franzen. The body is female no sign of gunshot or stab wounds but police do not believe she died of natural. -- are suspect -- the fifth two. It has promoted him to do what we've looked -- as. Suspicious. The queen who is still in residence just a stone's throw from where the body was spread is being kept informed and in local problems -- -- As a bit of a mystery. Yeah yeah there's so much for. Initially we wanted to know what happens to be -- Wouldn't exist admired -- and royalty is always irresistible speculation but no proof that. Queen Victoria's grandson was just the -- It wasn't even in London at the time it. Makes a good story and -- -- and a one time friend of Prince -- is still Britain's most famous fugitive. He disappeared forty years ago after the family nanny was -- knows -- -- a connection. -- apparently no definitely. Bob stand sumptuous Sandringham estate has been a war. Seen in the King's Speech of the showdown between old king George and stammering -- We've become actresses. We're not -- aware of -- Rumor has it the queen has blocked construction of -- highway activists cold corner of England she doesn't want crowds intruding. And -- peace quiet. Bats shattered -- they're royal hideaway has become CSI. Censoring it. Now police say that they might have a positive identification. Of the victim within the next few hours -- and they are scrambling as fast as they can. To -- this royal. Murder mystery.

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{"id":15286164,"title":"Body on Queen's Estate There for '1 to 4 Months'","duration":"2:33","description":"London police say young woman was most likely the victim of foul play.","url":"/GMA/video/body-queens-estate-months-15286164","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}