Body on Queen's Estate: Can Royals Be Questioned?

Duncan Larcombe on how officials will investigate human remains on royal estate.
3:22 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Body on Queen's Estate: Can Royals Be Questioned?
We're gonna bring an ABC news contributor and the royal editor of the sun. Duncan blocked from good friend of -- and and Duncan I know this is just unraveling right now but the police saying this is going to be a murder. Investigation what more can you tell us. What is a -- bizarre -- here for the queen. This is happening very very rapidly which we've heard about it -- last night. -- been shrouded in secrecy the body was found on on New Year's Day. Which incident was a -- of the queen and Prince Philip went to church. -- homer in front of the TV cameras found. Concerning something finality -- now but it appears that -- as you say there was really rather gruesome secret being hit in. Just there on the queen's back garden and all the rules -- that celebrates in the festive season. And as we've talked about a moment's peace how -- investigators go about. This happened on royal property and we heard in -- piece that some people believe that the royals will not be questioned but. You know they were if they were there. What do you think's gonna happen. Well -- Norfolk police are really got to make up the rules they go along now may not like I don't think that's been an example of a murder case I'm coming right -- -- into this. Grounds of the -- palace I'm Sandra name is very place of the queen's haunts where they -- spend the media and and it's it's possible. That somebody involved with the queen Stahl. May know something might have seen some thing certain at this time view rulers royals in residence. There are dozens and dozens of security guys policeman. On -- -- officers swarming through through the grounds it seems quite extraordinary that it wasn't until a -- will -- Discovered this -- that that nothing was found. We opponents on the right there Duncan all the security around the queen of England. And a body is found -- has to be unsettling to the royals. Guess -- my understanding is that between is being kept informed of these developments -- and when. You have there's there's news to tell how I think she will be. Naturally very concerned about. -- -- -- place to -- and let's face it. And the area where the body was found his next small village on the estate which is one of prince phillips' favorite time hunting grounds where he likes to go out to this comment here. And indulge in his favorite past time. And we -- we do need to point out that it is -- The sprawling large estate and that there are tenant farmers there is public access and so all those things need to keep. Be kept at minus not just -- royal center there right. Now that's right the Sunday mistakes about 20000 acres. And there are lots of sitting tenants cottages. Villages even that are writing fight by the -- the rule at a state. I'm so there's a lot of public -- frank especially this -- year when. Tourists come to try and catch a glimpse of the -- famine so -- do we go from here Duncan what do you think's gonna happen next. As you send in your reports there will be a post mortem later today what we still don't yet know is how long the body has been that aren't -- find inconceivable that the body would have been dumped that. Whilst the roles -- residents and it would be one of the -- crazy places to hide a body if you. If you met at somebody I think you try and take it somewhere slightly more discreet and I'm so really -- waiting to find out how long it's been the -- excellent point that Duncan thank you as always for your reporting for us we really do appreciate that -- take care.

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{"id":15278504,"title":"Body on Queen's Estate: Can Royals Be Questioned?","duration":"3:22","description":"Duncan Larcombe on how officials will investigate human remains on royal estate.","url":"/GMA/video/body-queens-estate-royals-questioned-15278504","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}