Bono, Alicia Keys Discuss Fight Against AIDS

Amid breakthroughs in battle against disease, superstars head to Washington, D.C
5:26 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Bono, Alicia Keys Discuss Fight Against AIDS
Today is world aids day and thirty years after the first cases were documented this that you see right here says it all aids is going to lose. So much exciting is happening in the battle against this epidemic deaths are down a -- is in -- better drugs are saving lives. And superstars bottle and -- -- keys are taking that message to Washington today. Posting a -- -- presence Obama Clinton and bush will also be. And I sat down with them to discuss the -- -- -- It's a crisis that's plagued the world for a generation. And they've been on the front lines in a battle that's now being more. The only -- worm. Your program and were buying an arm of banks but feels like a hopeless situation. Today is different this is really uses so hopeful hopeful thanks -- rapid success is in the global fight against aids and HIV in just the last ten years. In 2000 to 300000. People were on life saving. Anti retroviral treatments in 2010 that number skyrocketed to more than six and a half million. And technology has made it possible prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child. If you use treatment as prevention if you are able to be treated then 96%. Of the time -- not spread the virus. It's of the tremendous. -- -- normally for every one person that was treated. Two were infected but now by getting these -- -- -- drugs he clearly also getting the drugs to pregnant women -- Slash B infection rate. Two under one person and for every one person's entries. That's a lot of progress since I joined bottle and Africa back in 2002. Then the rock star joined forces with a buttoned up former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill to bring attention to Africa's plight. You remember that ensures we were together in Africa and in. It's the look him in the eyes I'll never forget because it's the strangest look when you see somebody diagnosed HIV. And there's no treatment and. Anything can be anger but it's just not -- acquiescence and -- will his heartbreaking you know and then the medical staff would be angry. Because they knew was just an accident of geography. Thanks to the efforts of organizations like bottles of red and one campaigns and Alicia Keys keep a child alive. Aids is no longer a death sentence for Africa's war. But there's plenty of work to be done. -- going to Washington today at a time when -- the parties are so divided and -- -- -- our environment as you've ever seen but on this issue. It's a perfect example Democrats and Republicans coming together to solve a problem. This is a circumstance that. No matter if we why we can all agree. That we want an aids free generation yeah it's this crossing political lines and an at a time win. Do the scene here is a little noxious. That's very important. As you go into this next election don't allow the world's were to be a political football. So when a candidate goes in that direction punish them. -- US debt crisis makes keeping that commitment tougher than ever. You know there -- people -- fare cuts. And and we know -- and Williams -- And it's very important communicate that it is as it moved -- percentage. Of government spending less than one sense that all these. Development stuff comes I had -- all fluent in -- old -- less than 1% but cuts can cost the lives. There is so much time on that is so much difficulty in hard times -- -- disaster disasters to allow. That to be a distraction to the fact that we could actually invests. In our future. And create the possibility that there would not be -- anymore people know you can live with HIV. Movement a normal life you taking the drugs a kind of complacency. Feeling that this party has been solved. -- -- fight that that it has not been solved it's a big problem around the world. I think that when we disassociate ourselves with it and think oh that's the problem over there. -- them that's when you're in a big big big big trouble Keyes has -- Documentary airing tonight on showtime. She took five Americans to South Africa exceeded. Casualties of the aids pandemic firsthand. GE -- -- but both keys and bottle have one big message today America has put. Five million people -- these drugs. I'm not sure people know that burn your programs saying yeah this is probably the greatest act of courage in my -- -- Second World War what's the one thing. Some of sitting home watching this morning -- location was the one thing they can do to move. This long we have to own the fact that. We absolutely the ones that push forward our government. It's you know and we are the ones that when they hear our voices that we are discouraged about something that we don't like the -- is going they must change it. Thank you both very much thank you -- Lot of -- out there something to be encouraged about we have a lot more information on our website could learn American dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Amid breakthroughs in battle against disease, superstars head to Washington, D.C","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15064272","title":"Bono, Alicia Keys Discuss Fight Against AIDS","url":"/GMA/video/bono-alicia-keys-discuss-fight-aids-15064272"}