Book Flies Off Shelves, Heats Up Bedrooms

"50 Shades of Grey" fans explain why the New York Times bestseller is red hot.
4:52 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Book Flies Off Shelves, Heats Up Bedrooms
Well mine now for the best selling book flying off bookshelves teaming up there just across the country we hear the novel fifty shades of gray. Red hot right now politically acre. There's a part of that -- talking -- some devoted -- thank you smiling so brother Ira Robinson if you've said in the vernacular mommies feed. It's being called the book as in have you heard about it have you read it. Battered well worn copies of this are being passed around kids -- pick -- That they can make you Robinson. And what are your mom's and my son's third grade classes -- what he introduced me to it. The more discreet online sales have put this is steepest erotic fantasy for women at the very top of the best seller lists them. Is a secret. Photo -- growth thing creaking on to Kendall's -- -- night stands everywhere. Can't put it down it's called fifty shades of gray a book trilogy from a little known British author that -- capture the hearts of women. It's about a college senior and her billionaire boyfriend and it's well -- to say the least. So how would you describe this but I think it's total mommy -- you know sex in the city times -- million it has. Saxton has money and had his clothes. Michelle Yeoh will heard about the book from her sister in law. She called me one night in a panic you have to get this book you're not gonna believe this buck trap wherever you're doing an order this book and -- -- it tonight. She read the trilogy in two weeks and -- told twenty friends about it what's amazing about this book is it's gone viable just by word of mouth. And become a New York Times an Amazon best seller. Books don't necessarily happy ad budgets -- a blockbuster film. But when readers get behind a book they can produce the kind of publicity that that a publicist for just treatment out. It's also got women talking and sharing about taboo subjects erotic literature and -- Doctor Logan left cough is the author of how to get your wife to have sex with you. A lot of strong Smart successful. Women. Are eating this up. It's important to remember that women get turned on. By a lot of things and it is you know not politically correct the kind of fantasy in terms of being submissive are being taken care of but when you're so used to taking care people in your own life that's a great mental space to go to. In fact readers and their husbands say reading the book has improved their sex lives and now with -- in. In private. -- happened women who have said they bought it electronically and their -- -- ebooks because they would be embarrassed to be right you walking out that Israel but you're suddenly fifth. Hiding your phone and covering a hand police -- under the covers at night reading the book it's spreading like. Wild fire but there's one problem. No one can find it we just have a couple books left and we -- right here and our table walked and booksellers in Montclair New Jersey can't keep them and stuff. The minute they come in rarity of a waiting list. And then you know we sold out. Within a day at lucky for Michelle she -- honor I found and now has her mom and reading it too she's pretty conservative. -- -- And it reading and sent it certainly -- turner. He eastern hour of American publishers are re releasing the book here in the US vintage books won the bidding war and there was one reportedly with a seven figure out what the ticket have to -- -- -- for the cookbooks will be out of bookstores in April but I I downloaded my my Kendall and I'm on the third I have to say I'm getting really. So we can't read it -- the delay guys. What if we just flip through and started reading. OK you -- -- I think probably don't get about -- -- particularly certain age I have heard there are other types of books like this. Other -- -- literature. About this one that is -- Well I think -- capital captivated. Zenyatta -- those guys Robin Oakley did and five seconds into WGW. Odds here they're really vulnerable -- involved. Hey there isn't the best out there 53 additional exact. Invited women -- from a woman's first -- ended personally not to yourself that remembers one and it's about not just oh yeah. Erotic and fourteenth but after a groundswell scientists afterward that -- -- an -- -- her purse and jacket fourteen but we got -- taking care yet. I feel like I'm getting this book I'm. They with yeah. I had gotten scared there's going to be dramatic reading happening any minute -- what I don't -- that it helps manages many husbands all I'm Harry there why are you need to do not -- what. -- -- Lindsay is right that -- let's move on jolly. During the war many here.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"\"50 Shades of Grey\" fans explain why the New York Times bestseller is red hot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15909037","title":"Book Flies Off Shelves, Heats Up Bedrooms","url":"/GMA/video/book-50-shades-grey-flies-off-shelves-heats-15909037"}