New Details on JFK Jr.'s Marriage

Rose Marie Terenzio's book gives an intimate look at American royalty.
3:05 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details on JFK Jr.'s Marriage
Now -- that intimate look inside American royalty of the marriage between that JFK junior and -- dissent from someone who knew them very well his personal assistant and confidant. Rose Marie interim CEO revealing details and a brand new book at ABC's BM electric we get baker. -- have a copyright -- since the explosive book here Robin good morning to you nearly twelve. Years after their untimely deaths Americans still can't seem to get enough of JFK junior and his wife Carolyn the set. On the surface they were the epitome of the perfect beautiful couple but a new book threatens to shattered that image revealing some of their most -- -- and darkest secrets. They were American royalty living a gilded life John F. Kennedy junior and wife Carolyn -- -- They spent much of their life together in the spotlight yet were meticulously private. But one woman inside their circle of trust John's assistant is now talking nearly twelve years after their tragic death off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. In her new book fairy tale interrupted. Rosemarie to -- -- gives an inside look at the prince of Camelot this sets and how the couple was having serious troubles in their marriage. Two Ngo writes that upon first meeting that said she quote intimidated the hell out of me. -- calls an early -- anecdote from their first days of dating when we first started dating -- called me and right before he got off the phone said don't be a stranger. I was so pants I called him -- back and said don't you ever say something like that to me again. To -- he has relationship with John began with a chance encounter when John was starting a magazine George. He was renting office space in Manhattan in sharing the same floor as the PR company where she worked. She told ABC's Chris Cuomo. He moved into my count that's -- weekend. I came in a Monday morning and I was not pleased. And as someone once -- who was in the opposite the time he could have been arrested and some states for the wages but to him if I was really unhappy about that I'm moving into -- much smaller profits but one of -- that -- that went from indifferent to this -- -- yeah. That's and it seems that way but it also was a little bit of a spark of a friendship absolutely. In the book she goes on to say the Johns in sensitivity was quote the biggest catalyst for their arguments. And that he was simply as disorganized and clueless as a kid. Caroline felt increasingly isolated and the -- the stories in the press to rent -- writes the more Caroline retreated into herself. The process was heartbreaking to witness. Two NTS says she feels some guilt over -- -- death that the couple was fighting in this -- had decided not to attend a family wedding with John. But it was to -- -- who talked her into taking net ill fated. Flight. Turns your describes how she was able to convince Caroline to get on the plane saying quote listen Caroline you don't wanna put John in a position where he has to explain where you are and don't wanna put yourself in a position of being judged. Go get address and I'll get a card -- at the airport. -- what happens after she does feel some guilt about that. Thank you so much.

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{"id":15392561,"title":"New Details on JFK Jr.'s Marriage","duration":"3:05","description":"Rose Marie Terenzio's book gives an intimate look at American royalty.","url":"/GMA/video/book-reveals-details-jfk-jrs-marriage-15392561","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}