Book Vending Machine Programs Expands

JetBlue is reaching kids in needy neighborhoods by dispensing books in vending machines.
4:21 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for Book Vending Machine Programs Expands
Did appear books growing up here eating but I don't tell me what. Villagers nine but Charlotte tied me up questions yeah. It's gonna show holding minus homer price you. I remember it. I thought shocker. Where the wild yeah. As they they have a classic To Kill a Mockingbird. Okay. My mother and father were were big on education will always reading books but. There are a lot of kids that are in underserved communities and they don't have access the book fatal have access to libraries that back. And so there's is amazing program that we found found out I jetBlue that they actually have building machines. For the kids in these underserved communities like. What's going to waste into what Karen did. You can't do. Show them how work diminishing work what do you dip if Christie pushed this leaden mu. And he's didn't she put I have. So then actually Lou look down here. Let's paint it well older than that but this yeah. OK quick at a fourteen had nothing is an expert. You can't take out money in the evening here I don't know gosh pool. How about on a clear today. Nothing is saddening but still lacks. I just us. Okay. And. What do you like about this catering to what does and our hope that other number one step in to reading clue what is it that you like. The scary thing I like that. Eight get help kids it needs. Can't it looks from this collection laden and that you like to leak flue gas when you can have these two books about them it's. This clues social responsibility. Act Regina already here I'm standing on the rise or even talk. Here can't even hear the cake so to tell this program all got started we really want to. By the way sent make social impact didn't and make a change and we surveyed our customers and our crew members and we found out that. Education and youth was a really a top priority and so we knew that we can make a difference and we decided to come up with a creative program and sorts reading was born and then a few years ago we decided to take it up and not simply haven't the vending machines and so. We put these vending machines where they're booked as that's where kids literally cannot go on by book that's an answer wasn't there book battle I think I think your mom this summer selling of the smiles you can still like this. Isn't some kind of book penalty -- there is a book battle it ended on the 31 of August but we allowed people to go on and vote for the city to get the next 100000 books and whereas that's. We're excited about. Okay. For the how many books have you all do you think that you all have. But he's the chances of some kids we've given out this year alone we gave about 50000 books in Detroit. Justin vending machines and then another 50000 will be given out in Detroit. Through our our charity partners. And we're gonna do another 100000 Fort Lauderdale over the summer on cancer and what is it what wasn't about the vending machine what might that kind of way of doing it the vending machine gives kids the power of choice and so no adult is telling them a book they have to take it doesn't. They they just go and take the book that they want to take. And it allows the children really too. Taken many books as they want but it also gives them the opportunity to share his books and swap books with each other in Detroit Dayton some of the girls even started a book club did they really it was only will have to have month now. This is my books do you do you think what you want I made you pick what I want seemed don't pick what you want CD that. What what's however you and how. Thinking per month. I appreciate that and what it was doing.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"JetBlue is reaching kids in needy neighborhoods by dispensing books in vending machines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42029554","title":"Book Vending Machine Programs Expands","url":"/GMA/video/book-vending-machine-programs-expands-42029554"}