'Here Comes the Boom' Kevin James, Henry Winkler Star in New Movie

Actors discuss new comedy about a teacher who enters mixed martial arts world.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Here Comes the Boom' Kevin James, Henry Winkler Star in New Movie
Kevin playing a teacher, who is determined to save the school music program. And his fellow teacher's job, He decides to get in on a crazy scheme. Kevin plays the teacher that henry is risking his life in the ring for. Happy to have you here. You could have written any character for yourself. You decided to write a lot of abuse. You don't think about that. And you are realizing, I have to film this one day. You're a big ufc guy. And a big mixed martial arts guy. I became one. To get to know them. And not just gladiators but real human beings that are beautiful people. They are, zen gentlemen outside the ring. And then, they'll eat a body part when they get in. Great athletes, too. Meanwhile, you actually -- you modeled your character on a high school teacher you had yourself. Mr. Rock.Write about him in our children's novels. But he was the one -- we're seeing mr. Right here. There's mr. Rock. My goodness. He was the one who said, winkler, if you ever do get out of high school, you're going to be okay. In seven to eight years. And he was right. We want to take a look at a clip. You guys are coming up with a strategy right here for kevin's first big fight. Take a look. I got it. I know exactly what you have to do. Music. You're going to be inspired by music. That's why all the gladiators entered the coliseum with that thundering music. Actually, they do that in the ufc. Exactly. And you're going to follow in the footsteps of all those great warriors. Every one of them has a distinctive musical theme that puts fear in the hearts of opponents. That renders them even before the match began. You could enter with pacbell. Bach. I have it. Listen to me. I'm picking the song. Of course, you are. This is a man that you instantly get behind. And it's all my self-sacrifice is because of him. And you love him so much. That's why I was excited to do it. That'shy you believe it. It's really nice to see you two hanging out here, off-camera. I wonder, an iconic character, arthur fonzarelli was. How many fonz references are happening on the set every day? You know what? There was so much work because of all of those fights, you know, we did them over weeks and weeks and weeks. And this guy would be thrown like a rag bunny. And this big boy moves like a panther. I'm like a very thick panther. But -- it's true. Between takes, I'm literally asking him everything about "happy days." About fonz. Dancing william. What's bobby doing now? He was the greatest. Great movie. It's terrific. It will take its place in the pantheon of great films of all-time. "Here comes the boom." It opens today.

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{"id":17462759,"title":"'Here Comes the Boom' Kevin James, Henry Winkler Star in New Movie","duration":"3:00","description":"Actors discuss new comedy about a teacher who enters mixed martial arts world.","url":"/GMA/video/boom-kevin-james-henry-winkler-star-movie-17462759","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}