Tsarnaev To Face Bombing Victims in Court

The Boston Marathon bombing suspect will face up to 30 charges when he enters his plea.
1:56 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tsarnaev To Face Bombing Victims in Court
Now, to the boston bombing suspect, due to appear in public for the first time after being captured after that massive manhunt in april. He will be in front of so many of the victims in that courtroom this morning. Pierre thomas is in boston for us. Good morning, pierre. Reporter: Good morning, robi today, security will be tight as the bombing suspect makes his way to court. And many of those victims will see him face-to-face for the very first time. Tsaranev could tas the death penalty. Prosecutors plan to file 30 separate counts, from carjacking to using a weapon of mass destruction. Some of those who sustained physical and psychological wounds that april day, they say will be there. I do want to go. I want to see who changed their lives forever. Reporter: Liz norden's two sons lost legs in the bombings. They don't see themselves as victims. But they want tsaranev to pay. If you had an opportunity to speak to him directly, what would you say? Probably wouldn't do too much talking with him. I would probably have no cameras. Reporter: Moving forward with your life, what's the primary thing that gets you through it? Just wanting to get better. I wanted to just stand up on two feet. You have no idea how bad I want to get up. Reporter: The attack killed three people and wounded the norden brothers along with 258 others. His older brother was killed. Now, the young man found cowering in this boat, faces the prospect of justice alone. As the suspect enters the court, an entire city will be watching, ready for the process of justice to begin. Robin? Thank you, pierre.

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{"id":19624539,"title":"Tsarnaev To Face Bombing Victims in Court","duration":"1:56","description":"The Boston Marathon bombing suspect will face up to 30 charges when he enters his plea.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-bombing-update-suspect-dzhokar-tsarnaev-face-bombing-19624539","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}