Tsarnaev to Carjacking Victim: 'I Will Kill You Right Now'

Man who was allegedly carjacked by marathon bombers gave an in depth interview to the Boston Globe.
2:49 | 04/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tsarnaev to Carjacking Victim: 'I Will Kill You Right Now'
We're going to turn to the new interview by the man carjacked by the boston bombers. Speaking to "the boston globe," in an extensive interview, revealing the harrowing moments he was in his own car with the brot linsey davis has the very latest. Good morning to you, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, josh. It all started when the 26-year-old pulled over to respond to a text message. He said a sedan slammed to a stop behind him. Before he knew anything, an arm was reaching into the window, unlocked the door. He says a man climbed in and thus began the most terrifying 90 minutes for danny's life. This morning, the victim who asked to be identified by his american nickname, danny, told "the boston globe," he went through his terrifying ordeal, as the brothers spoke in an language he didn't understand. The only undstandable word. Manhattan. What do you mean? Like, new york, said one of the brothers. At one point, tamerlan said, don't look at me. Do you remember my face? Danny responded, no, no. I don't remember anything. Danny asked tamerlan if he ask followed the news of the boston bombings. He said, I did that. He said the tsaranev brothers were talking about girls, credit limits for students, iphone 5. And once realizing that danny didn't have music they liked, they doubled back to a second car they left parked nearby, to GRAB ONE OF THEIR OWN CDs. Then, a heart-stopping moment. Danny's iphone buzzed with a text from his worried roommate, wondering where he was. Tamerlan used a translation app to text a reply. I'm sick. I am sleeping at a friend's place tonight. A call from a friend. If you say a single word in chinese. I'm sleeping at my friend's home tonight. Tamerlan replied. Good boy. Good job. This cab driver said he drove the brothers the day before the attack. They briefly left a bag in his trunk. Next thing you know, I hear somebody screaming and pounding on the truck. The chilling thing, is remembering him picking up that backpack and how heavy it was. And thinking to myself, man, i could have had that bomb in my hands. Reporter: Danny's only saving grace, the gas station where they stopped was cash-only. While the younger brother went in to make the payment, the older brother was preoccupied with a electronic device in the car. And he put the gun down. Danny makes a run at that point. And what made it easier, danny left his iphone behind in the car. That, along with the mercedes navigation system. Robin? He knows how very luck he is. Linsey, thank you very much.

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{"id":19048289,"title":"Tsarnaev to Carjacking Victim: 'I Will Kill You Right Now'","duration":"2:49","description":"Man who was allegedly carjacked by marathon bombers gave an in depth interview to the Boston Globe.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-carjacking-victim-interview-alleged-marathon-bombers-planned-19048289","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}