Bombing Suspect's Carjacking Victim Made Daring Escape

Man whose car was allegedly hijacked by the Tsarnaev brothers says he thought they would kill him.
3:00 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bombing Suspect's Carjacking Victim Made Daring Escape
We're hearing this morning for the first time from the man held captive by the boston marathon bombers. He spoke exclusively to our station wmur. And abc's dan harris has the latest from boston. Good morning, dan. to you. This is it. This is the spot where the alleged carjacking victim said he made a risky run for it after a close encounter with two brothers police portray a merciless killers. We cannot reveal this man's identity for his own safety. But his story is harrowing. The man says it was thursday night around 11:00. Hen as ihis car, pulled over to the side of the road, when a stranger approached, holding a gun to the passenger side window. The stranger forced the victim to drive to a second location, where they picked up another man and put something in the trunk of the car. Officials now believe it was the ammunition and explosives later used in that shoot-out with police. Reporter: The men believed to be the brothers tsaranev, took him hostage, forced him into the passenger seat and took over the wheel. The victim said they asked me where I'm from. I told him I'm chinese. They said, I won't hurt me. I was thinking, they will kill me later. Soon, they needed gas. So, they pulled over to the shell station. One brother pumped gas while another went inside. You can see the suspect, believed to be the younger brother, dzhokhar, here in this surveillance video. The victim realized this was his opportunity to escape. I thought it was a very good chance for me to run, he says. I used my left hand to unbuckle my belt, my right hand to open the door. I jumped out of the car and ran away across the street. The guy outside the car tried to catch me, using his hand. He tried to catch me but I ran very fast. He ran across the street to safety. It was very scary at that moment. For me, I'm so lucky. Once across the street, the victim ran into this mobil station. He handed the phone to the carjacking victim, both men fearing for their lives. I was sure somebody, if he follows this guy, I would die at the same time. Reporter: Now, according to tariq who is standing over here, just finished up a night shift, when the man first came into his store, when the victim first came in, he was screaming so loudly, and crouching down on the ground, and talking about people chasing him and having a bomb, he thought the man might be drunk. He believed his story. Hid him in the back storage room and called 911. This morning, the victim is saying he feels lucky to be alive and he probably is.

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{"id":19020681,"title":"Bombing Suspect's Carjacking Victim Made Daring Escape","duration":"3:00","description":"Man whose car was allegedly hijacked by the Tsarnaev brothers says he thought they would kill him.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombing-update-suspects-carjacking-victim-made-19020681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}