Boudoir Photos: Latest Hot Valentine's Day Gift?

Women in lingerie, or less, pose for photos to give to their loved one as gifts.
3:00 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boudoir Photos: Latest Hot Valentine's Day Gift?
We are crazy in love here. Celebrating. Everything at Valentine's Day means to last the sweet and the Tsotsi like the hot new trend of -- more photos. Women sitting for a sizzling shots in lingerie or if they choose -- For gas to give their loved ones and maybe for themselves as well GMA special correspondent Melissa right -- -- -- closer look. Maybe it's just around the corner and women are expecting flowers chocolate jewels from their -- life. What would you giving this holiday I'm giving my hasn't. The -- of taking out the trash and diaper duty for a week. But don't end of the spectrum some daring women this holiday are pretty not forget that -- staying -- a little more Shelley. She. Cooler. Photography -- a celebration of female -- Hollywood beauties for centuries fabric portraits to bring their sexy back. -- -- different now. Wouldn't want to feel like taking the hot enough to -- this case isn't glossy magazines like -- -- and they. I saw how happy. Magazine and -- have to examine the timing and even Playboy. Howard gorges when wanna feel and I look at those magazines to and I would look like that don't feel like -- that's not a new concept it's just updated where this center. -- -- -- -- -- -- A stay at home mom turned into our photographer -- generations -- art and meet our city. It's a trend women are racing for -- New York Missouri Wisconsin. -- I don't. And again. Food mart is V8. This is hilarious how much fun getting to accept that it -- cut that I -- -- -- -- -- Something that's great to care for him. -- me and that kind of life. They did not kind of -- -- sit down and just have shots taken. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wardrobe tweak it just like a real photos she may feel like that -- tracing her hot. Tell me what we got to -- the hostile offer for Clinton who -- sex. Best Valery -- -- he has developed a great relationship now. Having her photograph her engagement fashion wedding in the day after her wedding. I think -- Trend that's not going to go away -- -- -- confidence. In women it celebrates the beauty of women. And the romance. Deep threat that at different time in her life. You wanna convenience and beautiful and the Alaska like time a gift to give your spouse for Valentine's Day wedding. -- -- -- -- accordingly if huge ego that pretty lady. Well -- -- in my life I ain't really found great confidence that never happened before and I kind of wanted to freeze -- moment in my life. So that 3040 years down the line I came back Pattinson community. As a good looking -- almost you know my kids can say -- my mom's really. -- -- -- Hi. -- we got me. She showed -- it's like oh my god that -- me that was so much fun I enjoy every second. And whoever gets to see the finished product will feel the same way. Cordial and from lobbyists.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Women in lingerie, or less, pose for photos to give to their loved one as gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15528917","title":"Boudoir Photos: Latest Hot Valentine's Day Gift?","url":"/GMA/video/boudoir-photos-latest-hot-valentines-day-gift-15528917"}