Buried Boy Thought He Would Die

Nicholas Nelson was digging tunnels in the sand when one collapsed on him.
2:10 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Buried Boy Thought He Would Die
Out -- a stunning story. -- -- little boy buried alive he and his brother were digging tunnels in the sand when one collapse of eleven year old. It was a race against time for rescuers to dig him out his mother says -- and miracle. He survived ABC's Wendy Davis has the story. -- Lemanowicz so -- and think. A frantic 911 call from sixteen year old Kyle ranger in fear for his little brother's life. -- -- -- -- -- Eleven year old Nicholas buried alive when a tunnel he was digging in a mountain of -- came crashing in on him wasn't breathing. Well I read -- Kyle ran for help his mother and her boyfriend began feverishly digging. We didn't know -- was because the sand could pushed him down and -- when I have my oldest run out call 911. For his mother minutes felt like hours. They need -- sand little Nicholas says he was saying goodbye in his head to his family members. American had -- But I was lucky nursing GAAP rental. Yeah and a scary with the weight of the mixture of sand and clay pressing -- all around him he settled into a seated position just a tiny air pocket around his mouth. Those few inches the only thing that saved him from suffocated after being trapped for almost half an hour minutes -- seconds it all turns into eternity if you -- time almost standstill when you have something of this gravity of the child involved using their hands and shovels firefighters first found his hand. They say the sand was at least a foot above the boy's head when rescuers managed to pull him to safety. They gave him a few -- by -- mouth and then non they've just use the bag and he came. He fought back -- -- zone. Nicholas and his mom are calling it nothing short of a miracle I think so I was -- there -- any yet trained together. And make sure there I didn't know. This actually isn't the first time that Kyle has helped. Save his little brother's life a few years ago Nicholas fell through the ice. And Kyle was there then two and got him help new meaning to the idea of Big Brother is watching all that's -- -- -- that someone was down there watching the -- -- realized that yes -- thank -- -- thanks -- much.

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{"id":15917440,"title":"Buried Boy Thought He Would Die","duration":"2:10","description":"Nicholas Nelson was digging tunnels in the sand when one collapsed on him.","url":"/GMA/video/boy-11-buried-sand-thought-die-15917440","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}