Boy, 12, Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of Sister

Police chased other leads described by the boy before later suspecting him.
3:00 | 05/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boy, 12, Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of Sister
And this heartbreaking story out of California. A twelve year old boy is under arrest twelve years old. Charged with stabbing his -- sister to death an incident police on a wild goose chase for a made up suspect ABC's Josh different has this story. This morning a family still grieving the murder -- eight year old -- -- Now that's if you look the news that authorities believe their twelve year old son killed his own sister. -- the -- -- -- loves -- -- brother on charges of homicide. On April 27 this quiet community outside Sacramento. Was rocked with a little label -- brother told police he found her body stabbed to death. After a man broke into their home. You wouldn't expect -- like heaven knows the boy's description -- a massive manhunt. Police telling neighbors to be on the lookout for this mysterious man. After fifteen days it knocking on more than 300 doors even using diapers to search through local -- -- for clues authorities now say. There was no intruder. And it shortly was older brother with homicide. -- love Calvert county. -- -- a little better tonight investigators have not said what led them to suspect the brother. They -- not answering questions children's parents and unavailable for comment this morning. Good Morning America John -- in ABC news New York.

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{"id":19161861,"title":"Boy, 12, Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of Sister","duration":"3:00","description":"Police chased other leads described by the boy before later suspecting him.","url":"/GMA/video/boy-12-arrested-fatal-stabbing-sister-19161861","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}