Boy, 9, Gives Himself 20 Girlfriends in Math Problem

Matt Resch came up with a rather funny story to answer his math problem.
3:00 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Boy, 9, Gives Himself 20 Girlfriends in Math Problem
I submit to you that nine year old Matt -- have a much better one. He was given that. That assignment on a recent math quiz his third grade glass remember that's now nine year old -- And a third grade class at when he brought it home his mom also was looking over his answers and here's what she found. Matthew had twenty girlfriend yeah. Unfortunately broke up with thirteen about it. How many girlfriends does -- have -- to the case has seven girlfriends left. I've left you ugly and mean -- envy of all my friend and -- to explain how this all happen is Travis. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay okay. Is that you guys here but -- want a roll and why now. Where did this story coming -- now where did this story come from. We're at an historic -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- didn't mountain. So mum is this is this sort of par for the course for you are Regis -- that was there. If you look at it. I love it now when it when he comes home I mean every day as -- is there something you know kind of funny that he does is that what you're checking all the worker you just. A diligent mom. I had -- We're. Something funny -- because it is. That honor suit he left hanging over there hasn't had not what -- the other -- -- golden they laughed out loud at this or did they just kind of go all out. I think that they did and it's -- -- -- -- I mean you know usually an extra credit for showing your work in riots and my -- would -- -- work. -- and I'm telling you sober and with Garrett who did you did you would. It was -- class in the offing here there was -- plus plus Matt in this sat out in this land of the teacher. Just the bigger yeah. I mean and lesson was learned since you can't argue them. Twenty minus thirteen. Always equal seven. And -- no matter what they may you best of luck I'm sure there are Nobel Prizes. If other things in your future and boy we can't wait to see what's next and -- for joining us and we thank you for staying with us this morning as I can see by the clock on the wall it is nine to. And yet this where -- all right. Yeah. I love it got love you got big stock yeah. First period I had my appearance on GMA line. Italian restaurant yeah actually I loved -- -- I thought I'd -- oh this is this his view things from.

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{"id":18763953,"title":"Boy, 9, Gives Himself 20 Girlfriends in Math Problem","duration":"3:00","description":"Matt Resch came up with a rather funny story to answer his math problem.","url":"/GMA/video/boy-20-girlfriends-math-problem-18763953","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}