Boy, 5, Inducted Into Mensa

Gus Dorman has IQ of 147, 12 points higher than what's needed to join Mensa Society.
2:53 | 04/28/13

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Transcript for Boy, 5, Inducted Into Mensa
Slowly, apparently. To an usual prom, what do you do when you're 18-month-old is already reading the newspaper while pottery training. This little man's parents said that school is a problem for him because classes they're just too easy. Abc's tanya rivero is here with the story. Reporter: The first child they didn't know they were extraordinary. Few 4-year-olds can read. They swear it was gus playing on itouch with education apps. That gave him such a huge head start. He's already smarter than most people you know. His parents said that he began reading before he was pottery trained. He asked so many questions about chemistry, I called up a graduate student if he would be willing to sit down with my boy. And he speaks japan. He has a iq of 147, 12 points higher than what's needed to join mensa. Where smart kids go. Reporter: The exclusive high-iq society. He's so far ahead of his peers, kindergarten is a struggle. He's reading books at home. I have to skip second grade and stuff. Reporter: Impressive as he is, gus isn't the only kid in mensa, not even the youngest. At 3-year-old, this boy holds that honor. In 2000, she appeared on the tonight show. Will these pint-sized geniuses become the next doogie howser? It's been suggested that stephen hawkings stole my paper. Reporter: As mensa points out, some early-achieving toddlers grow up to be of average intelligence. As for gus, he has big plans. A doctor. A doctor, indeed. For parents wondering if there little darlgs are mensa members, they have usually good memories. Fear not if your toddler does none of the above, dan and bianna, not all early-achieving kids end up being smart. So, there you go. I love him speaking japanese. He should googled pottery train and trained himself. Uncle ron. Coming up on "good morning

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{"id":19060359,"title":"Boy, 5, Inducted Into Mensa","duration":"2:53","description":"Gus Dorman has IQ of 147, 12 points higher than what's needed to join Mensa Society.","url":"/GMA/video/boy-inducted-mensa-19060359","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}