Boy Rescued From Collapsed Building After Four Days

Child is one of dozens saved from under building's rubble in Bangladesh.
2:10 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for Boy Rescued From Collapsed Building After Four Days
Another extraordinary story of survival this morning take a look at the picture we showed you at the top of the broadcast the -- being pulled out of the rubble. After four days he is just one of dozens of amazing rescues. In the aftermath of a massive building collapse in Bangladesh ABC's -- -- is on the story. -- there is new hope this morning is nearly a dozen survivors have been pulled out of the debris alive overnight and rescuers now say there could be many more possibly hundreds. Who are still trapped. It's proof that even in the worst tragedies miracles can happen. This young boy dehydrated and in shock is the latest -- -- nearly a dozen pulled out from the rubble alive overnight. Four days after this massive building collapsed rescuers are convinced many war are still trapped alive. I went down and found fifteen more people still alive -- rescue workers says we could rescue them later today. But that's won't be easy this overhead view shows the massive destruction. Rescuers are fighting scorching heat more than a hundred degrees -- a concrete building that crumpled like a piece of paper. -- -- -- Police found giant cracks in the walls and ordered everybody -- outs but when the police -- workers say factory owners told them to go back inside. -- owners are now under arrest has thousands of workers in the capital ride in the streets. Leaving relatives hold up photos of missing loved ones while rescuers race against time -- for war miracles. Now today's rescues come a day after two women gave birth while they were trapped inside the rubble they -- their newborn babies. Are doing just fine as for the investigation well a number of western clothing labels have been found inside the debris. And that is raising serious questions about whether western companies were pressuring the factory owners to keep that building -- when clearly. It shouldn't have been. -- on the opposite. Four days later I'm still finding -- and and these western clothing the labels this is an angle we're gonna need to pursue -- thank you very much.

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{"id":19055865,"title":"Boy Rescued From Collapsed Building After Four Days","duration":"2:10","description":"Child is one of dozens saved from under building's rubble in Bangladesh.","url":"/GMA/video/boy-rescued-collapsed-building-days-19055865","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}