Boyfriend charged with murder of pregnant teacher

Laura Wallen's boyfriend, Tyler Tessier, was jailed without bond after she went missing on the first day of school and was later found dead.
6:12 | 09/15/17

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Transcript for Boyfriend charged with murder of pregnant teacher
a pregnant schoolteacher found dead, her boyfriend now behind bars facing charges. Just days after his emotional plea for her safe return, ABC's linsey Davis is here with those details for us. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, you know it sounds like a lifetime movie but this is real life unfolding in Montgomery county, Maryland. A mother-to-be recently named teacher of the year reported missing after missing the first day of school, now police say she was murdered because of a love triangle. This morning, Tyler Tessier is behind bars charged with the murder of his pregnant girlfriend Laura Wallen just days after making a tearful plea for her safe return. Laura, if you're listening, don't matter what type of trouble. There's nothing we can't fix together. Reporter: Police arrested Tessier Wednesday after finding the 31-year-old high school teacher's body buried in a shallow grave in a field in Maryland. An autopsy was done on the victim's body and it was determined she had, in fact, been shot in the back. Head. Reporter: After becoming suspicious of him, police say they set up this press conference hoping they would learn new information when he spoke. I haven't slept. We haven't eaten. We're just looking or praying that you're safe. Reporter: Wallen's family agreed to the setup sitting next to him even holding his hand while they wiped away tears but Tessier had no idea. He is a monster and he is a liar and it is -- it was absolutely the hardest thing that my wife could do would be to sit next to him and hold his hand. Reporter: You put the suspect in front of a camera because he's going to talk and he may inadvertently say something or present something in a way that you know is not true. Reporter: The day she disappeared police say Wallen who was four moptss pregnant sent her sister a series of text messages saying tile lir has me on an adventure in the country. Don't know why I'm here and I'm waiting in a field. Two days later Wallen's sister received another text message from the victim's phone, I am like 95% sure Tyler is not the father. But by then police believe Wallen was already dead and that it was Tessier who sent the text. Prosecutors say at first Tessier denied he was engaged to another woman but later admitted it. According to police the week before she disappeared she texted the other woman and wanted to talk to her woman to woman, not for a confrontation but to clear things up. Tessier is now being held without bond and, robin, can you imagine that family having to hole the man's hand that police say killed your child? I was just thinking that, linsey, we're going to bring in our legal team, our chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and in Atlanta veteran felony prosecutor Nancy grace. And let me start right with what linsey was saying. I can't imagine what the family went through but they suspected him and they wanted to do whatever they could help police. Have you ever heard anything like had. No, the police effectively lure him there to the press conference. I say lure him because he was already their suspect. They already had the evidence against him and now they want to add to that evidence. How are they adding to it? Well, if you believe the police's theory that he did this and he stands up there and pretends to be so heartbroken and he holes the hand of the mother, you can now introduce, you know -- You're killing me, Abrams. You really are. Interesting that you use -- first, good morning, robin. Good morning. Dan, it's interesting you use the word the police lured him there like they did something evil. What about him luring her to a remote field and then shooting her in the back 69 head and burying her in a shallow grave. Why? Because he doesn't want his other girlfriend to find out he's about to have a baby? And, hello, next time you send a fake text from your girlfriend's phone, at least spell the other guy's name right. He couldn't even spell the word antuan as if this guy is some kind of a catch. The evidence is whoever whelming. No, he lured her there. Another thing, when she was texting her sister going, wow, Tyler has me on an adventure. I'm wonder why I'm here, some speculation she thought he was about to propose to her. Oh, my -- there's several reasons why the police would be suspicious, the fact he was living with another woman was a huge red flag, Nancy. Huge red flag. There are reports he was living at three different place, don't know if that third place was a family or a roommate. But two women are definitely involved. A, the murder victim didn't know he was living with the other woman. The other woman who has been named didn't know that she, Laura was pregnant but one thing a student said she is a social studies teacher, teacher of the year that the student mentioned the student was sad mentioned he liked skateboarding and she showed up at his house on a weekend with a skateboard and went skateboarding with him up and down his street. That's the kind of teacher she was. This teacher also helped them find who was responsible because she sent a picture from where she was to her sister. Because she had said to her sister, hey, I'm in this remote area sort of saying to her sister, I really don't knee what he's doing and her sister said send me a picture. That becomes a critical piece of evidence in connection with this case. Also, he made a lot of apparently incriminating statements. He apparently admits to disposing of her iPhone, getting rid of her license and license on her car. There's a whole series of pieces of evidence that extend well beyond just having an affair with somebody else. Could he possibly be charged with double murder because she was pregnant? Probably not in the state of Maryland. That's a good question. Because she was four months pregnant. It would have to be deemed it to be a viable fetus in the state of Maryland. Probably just get the single murder charge. I think that's what's taking so long. In some places it can be 16 weeks but typically in the U.S. It's 20 weeks? As always, Nancy, thank you very much for being with us. Dan. Always good to see you.

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{"id":49868669,"title":"Boyfriend charged with murder of pregnant teacher","duration":"6:12","description":"Laura Wallen's boyfriend, Tyler Tessier, was jailed without bond after she went missing on the first day of school and was later found dead.","url":"/GMA/video/boyfriend-charged-murder-pregnant-teacher-49868669","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}