Brad Goreski on SAG Awards Fashion

Star of Bravo's "It's a Brad Brad World" offers his take on red carpet fashion.
1:26 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Brad Goreski on SAG Awards Fashion
We -- joined now by fashion stylist Brad -- the star -- -- It's -- Brad -- world and he's here to give us his take on the looks that we just saw its good to have you here but it would be here for having -- sort of the -- so relaxed you think this tell that there -- all have a good time they -- it's kind of like in between. The golden gloves in the Oscars so it's like that the cream filling in between the -- -- -- I love I think that -- -- feeling -- it will also looks that you really like last night I loved and Angelina -- last night I thought she looked gorgeous. In that kind of wet looking down. Also Michelle Williams was beautiful and -- Valentino. And I loved loved loved and the stone giving us the cocktail number luck -- Alexander McQueen very young and fresh and modern -- she always gets its. You really does he always does that did you see trends out there for -- You know there were some strong moments there was a lot of read on the current family silence of the -- -- we thought I'm Michelle Williams we also side and that beautiful Gucci -- on here is sad to -- I think this is really nice way of using color on the carpet especially for Michelle I like she kind of stepped out a little bit -- -- black -- didn't wait we did there was a lot of black on the car bet. You know. Black is a little bit tricky but I think when you're when you give it a little bit of drama like with -- cocktail on and the stone in the I think that this was just and -- keep our -- really -- last night in my -- that she can't go wrong she cannot go wrong and it's hard to -- -- Equipment that -- not everybody. It's a tough -- event that -- take any risk out there do you think. I'm yes I do actually -- -- lea Michelle my goodness that sky high slit. Thank god she's so good at working at on the carpet in most there was a lot revealed there and Gromit how to serve -- -- let me tell you look at that he was like down there I galaxies can actually. The I think she looked great last night and then also Rose Byrne and -- -- and that this secret haute couture jumpsuit. And has taken a chance it was and it it it's -- to -- -- -- I think that styling with the Bob I think that the natural makeup she carried us up very well it's very tricky to -- a jumpsuit on our and it is I think Octavia -- to -- British parliament Lopes and great last -- she is -- want to watch for the Oscars he's just killing it this year I think she looks. Beautiful and glamorous and elegant she is seizing her moment right now and. I can't wait to see what she gets the Oscar -- degree acceptance speech again she Soviet last night and -- so how thought they had a we politely say this but not so much that work. Well you know there where I thought on as a whole it was very very positive there are few I thought Caylee club go in the sea foam Green in gallon you know she's such a beautiful girl and I -- her body got lost in this. And I would rather see her first instead of the dress I feel like we -- -- down -- who and then the stylish men dressed in the minds out there. Well there are some good one John Kaczynski -- but looked fantastic. And also John -- are down who I think is looking. So great it's award season is wearing a lot of long -- but he's just so handsome Nancy as -- Viola Davis was great again off. My main thing in our case that the white with a gold beating in her hair which it does keep on -- we couldn't get -- and -- --

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{"id":15470924,"title":"Brad Goreski on SAG Awards Fashion","duration":"1:26","description":"Star of Bravo's \"It's a Brad Brad World\" offers his take on red carpet fashion.","url":"/GMA/video/brad-goreski-sag-awards-fashion-15470924","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}