Brad Paisley, 'CMA' Stars Sign Car on 'GMA'

Host of "CMA's," Charley Woods and Mignon Grabois sign car on the red carpet.
2:26 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Brad Paisley, 'CMA' Stars Sign Car on 'GMA'
But don't walk the red carpet and then tonight citing the hood of the car OK but tell me why the cars import like where's that money going to when we got stop -- -- December well. The CMA -- -- hard enough to help music education in schools which is very important and I. You know I'm on the product of a little while I -- music education his actions he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's it's up and it can make your kid into what they want me you know again that an absolutely and -- and it's so big party alive we talked to Charlie of the younger -- on -- there. You're gonna bring -- word on -- -- way to gather tomorrow night. How about that -- -- that's pretty good so every dime from this auction is gonna go help people. Kids in school because so many schools have to cut these programs just because of its ridiculous I mean I think some of the -- I think about my life and as a musician I would have nothing without it and we have we need music with these kids do I do I get a chance that may be happy to do it well or rather glad -- where you want it I don't you get the those of you watching over you want if you wanna win this do you want this this a Kamal. So I know we're we're gonna make sure that one of those times where this is actually -- devalued coming up right -- up. And it's it's it's there you go. And by the way we will link you to how to find out more about this auction. -- GMA dot com at Yahoo! by the way as we may. -- with you a little bit Charlie and many and we site -- getting picked up a little earlier this morning. That's why a program like he'd -- music playing it's important. -- Keeping music playing. They had to do so much for metro our school system and -- -- -- -- -- -- And being an art school it's amazing to just have to music playing get so much sadness that instruments then. Clinton and tracks. -- the equipment they've just been so helpful happened where. Coming -- music city. -- and to think about it without music is not a good thing it anywhere in the country is not a good thing Robin Roberts. Right here on the front of the car are -- road. -- -- -- The -- button he had never. --

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{"id":14904043,"title":"Brad Paisley, 'CMA' Stars Sign Car on 'GMA'","duration":"2:26","description":"Host of \"CMA's,\" Charley Woods and Mignon Grabois sign car on the red carpet.","url":"/GMA/video/brad-paisley-country-music-awards-stars-sign-car-14904043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}