Brangelina Getting Married?

Hollywood power couple are at their French Chateau, a possible sign of impending nuptials.
3:00 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for Brangelina Getting Married?
-- all of pieces seem to be coming together Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appeared to be gathering with family and friends. At their chateau in France for some kind of celebration. So will wedding bells ring for one of Hollywood's most powerful couples or is this just a big bash for -- parents. And -- under very honest here with more on these rumors very yeah. Very spreading rumors -- I've got this group. -- those rumors are swirling around Hollywood's hottest couple -- -- -- watchers have turned into wedding sleuths carefully studying every move of this very famous. But famously private couple and many are saying the big day could happen today. There the last -- at the top of the list. And Brad put a ring on it this spring the -- -- rumor mill into overdrive. Now many believe Hollywood's hottest couple who get married as soon as today. Wedding watchers point to the clues Brad and Angelina -- family appeared to be quietly gathering -- the couple. -- -- 35 million dollars state in the -- brands that conveniently hasn't home chapel. Reportedly for a fiftieth anniversary celebration for -- parents but locals believe recent rushed renovations at -- fourteenth century chateau. Point to something more in the works angelenos jeweler Robert pro cop who made the 200000. Dollar engagement ring Brad designed is also in the south of France. And -- best buddy George Clooney who would surely attend spotted in Lake -- less than an hour's flight away. With the major players gathered the stage seems set for the couple who met laying husband in light on mr. and mrs. Smith. To finally become husband in my. So much this is sort of the biggest wedding for so many people I mean sure we have a royal wedding but there's this frenzy just as much maybe 1%. -- more about Brad and Angelina. This will -- grabs second marriage and angelenos third so it's expected to be intimate they're not as interested in sort of. Giant Hollywood and they -- really like to have the kids involved it's their very tight knit family. And those six kids three adopted and three biological. Are reportedly -- mom and dad are making it official. Now there are also clues pointing to a wedding happening next weekend the mayor of the -- -- tiny French town. -- friends of Brad and Angelina and he recently pushed back the date of an annual fair. Locals say it was to clear the way for the wedding so my money is on August 18 on its coming up a lot of Hollywood weddings here now with Portman last weekend that loves me -- -- -- I think there's clear stares out from the -- -- -- Entitlements.

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{"id":16984258,"title":"Brangelina Getting Married?","duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood power couple are at their French Chateau, a possible sign of impending nuptials.","url":"/GMA/video/brangelina-married-16984258","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}