Brazilian Blowout Consumer Alert

Do salons know "Brazilian Blowouts" contain a form of formaldehyde?
3:49 | 03/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brazilian Blowout Consumer Alert
Five months since the federal government put out a hazard alert warning that the blockbuster hairsplitting treatment Brazilian -- contains liquid formaldehyde. So we want to snow -- this information has trickled down to salons or if they're still. Inadvertently misleading customers ABC's -- it was between he used a hidden camera. To find out. We took the video cameras -- six teens certified Brazilian blowout sometimes. You can become -- bedroom. And not one mention any safety concerns. Despite the fact the original product has been banned in three countries and rut and investigated by five government agencies here at home. You didn't think there's no way you -- Are exposed to -- strong enough to be. The -- acknowledged Brazilian blowout contains a form of formaldehyde but downplayed the -- -- fast -- news. But when the Food and Drug Administration tested samples of Brazilian blowout it found the product -- eight to 10% liquid formaldehyde. And when he Occupational Safety & Health Administration tested the formaldehyde fumes -- -- by the product somewhere five times the legal limit. For now that I can cause eyes skin and -- irritation in the short term and cancer in the long term and yet. Every year and millions of American women risk it. All in the hopes of getting smooth sleek hair. Like this -- -- my hair with a flat iron but in the past women have told us they love Brazilian blowout particularly. Let's take -- away from important but salon workers -- more because there -- exposed every today. -- requires any company that handles formaldehyde to conduct air pollution testing but not one of the salons we visited -- and it does that. Some -- test the hair and all this do you have to do -- Need to -- Canada to be. Actually -- takes from now the -- so seriously that if the fumes -- over the legal limit. Workers are required to Wear respirators like this. This is very serious. We took our findings straight to the top to US labor secretary Hilda so -- whose department has hit 26 alarms with fines of up to 171000. Dollars each. We do this. -- reason we have laws in place because we want to protect people from harming themselves at work and people -- coming in and being exposed to the product also shouldn't. Shouldn't have to be exposed to something it's as dangerous as from -- the -- Sure of the sixteen -- we visited said original Brazilian blowout doesn't contain any formaldehyde at -- This MMI in the original -- you mom and -- -- -- And clearly they were relying on the old labeling and literature the government considers misleading. Hey hey -- did you do. Contained nothing happened right. Literally. It you know -- -- actually I and I -- you know Matt and I because I don't know. It is confusing so here's some hair care advice from a cabinet secretary. They're gonna use any products with from -- -- -- and don't do it. Brazilian blowout told us we believe the new labeling changes we implemented last year have provided our stylist with even greater clarity and understanding regarding our products. Since last year every bottle has had a bright sticker affixed to it clearly stating that the treatment needs to be performed. In a well ventilated area when used as directed Brazilian blowout poses no issue for the stylist for the consumer -- -- -- that information is again thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Do salons know \"Brazilian Blowouts\" contain a form of formaldehyde?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15824476","title":"Brazilian Blowout Consumer Alert","url":"/GMA/video/brazilian-blowout-consumer-alert-formaldehyde-danger-15824476"}