'Breaking Bad' Star Leaves Small Screen for Ben Affleck's 'Argo'

Bryan Cranston chats about playing a CIA director in charge of rescuing six trapped Americans.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Breaking Bad' Star Leaves Small Screen for Ben Affleck's 'Argo'
I THINK SHE'S JUST WHAT WE NEED. ain This the bryan's choice. Bad. You're on the right side of the law, for once. Jock o'donnell, cia director in the new movie "argo." Six americans trapped in iran during the hostage crisis. We're going to talk to you about it in a moment. I want to get to the clip. Here's, he's explaining what's going on to ben affleck's character. Ben plays a cia agent. Go. Traffic calls them house guests. They haven't left the canadian ambassador's house since it happened. Why didn't we get them ten weeks ago? Too dangerous. You have revolutionary guards going door-to-door like jehovah's witnesses. Who else knows? Just the families. Meanwhile, some genius in our embassy, was keeping a mug book on everyone who worked there. Jesus christ. The state is coordinating They do, now. They want to ride by us, as consultants. Angle says it's a lose-lose. These people die, they die publicly, badly. You play jack o'donnell, cia director. You dove into the life. You went to langley. You met these folks. I did. The cia headquarters in langley, virginia. What struck me is these men and women are really dedicated service people. They commit themselves to these missions. Honorably. They believe in the credo they're not going to leave someone behind. Agent officer tony mendez is a hero, a recognized hero. He went in and was determined to get these six house guests out of iran safely. And the mission was successful and true and without a shot being fired. It's true. It came from declassified information s later. But you're of a certain vintage. You can remember this time. That's a lovely way of saying I'm old, josh. We are of a certain vintage. What struck you about the story when you read it? The story itself was fantastic and absurd. If it was a piece of fiction, hollywood would have said, come on. You have to make a plausible story. Because it's true, it made it all the more interesting and gave it a baseline to jump off from when our audience watches this. It's compelling. And the script was just tight and wonderful. Ben affleck's direction was impeccable. He's a great guy. Very smart. And a real passion for the story. I remember talking to you in l.A. At the emmys, this is really what you wanted to talk about. We had ben in, john goodman, alan arkin here yesterday. Was alan arkin sitting here? He was sitting right here. I don't understand that. It's too early in the morning for alan to do anything. Ben said you were the only guy he wanted for this part. That's got to make you feel good, if nothing else. It's very nice. As ben knows and george clooney and our producers, theyw 's about the story. If the story is good and support that, then actors can fly. Without it, we're kind of tethered. You have flown, then, for a number of years. Certainly, walter white, speaking of stories and characters. Saying good-bye. But not before we have a cooking session with walter white. I cook a little different. It's a little different recipe. Real quick. I know it's instantaneous. But the legacy of that character. It's the greatest role of my life. The best part I will ever have. And I'm fine with it. I'm embracing that. I'm enjoying this time. I'm 56 years old. And I'm having more opportunities now than ever. And I love it. They are incredibly Bryan, a phenomenal film. Thank you so much. It is "argo." It opens this friday.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bryan Cranston chats about playing a CIA director in charge of rescuing six trapped Americans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17441817","title":"'Breaking Bad' Star Leaves Small Screen for Ben Affleck's 'Argo'","url":"/GMA/video/breaking-bads-bryan-cranston-star-leaves-small-screen-17441817"}