Breaking Tradition: Modern Royals Bring Up Baby

Author of "The Diana Chronicles," Tina Brown, weighs in on Kate's newfound motherhood.
3:14 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Breaking Tradition: Modern Royals Bring Up Baby
We're going to bring back tina brown. The author of "the new york times" chronicles. And dr. Ashton is here, as well. And you've been watching everything now. What's the difference between now and then with diana? Just watching that last clip of diana, you saw the haunted, fragile woman again. And one of the main differences is that. She was an amazing mother, diana. But she was an unhappy soul. Kate is relaxed. Because she has a rufring family. That's good to remember. You have a feeling -- and nothing against prince charles at all. You had the feeling that prince william is going to be more hands-on early on. I think he's going to be a lot of fun as a father. Prince charles was a care and loving father. He was the acting prince of whales. He didn't go to school. He went to private tutors. He was going to see batman, william has been more accessible for the public. And kate said she wanted to have a natural childbirth. All indications are she was. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. That's a big abe ya. We heard both were in the delivery room, showing their not earn days. But not a surprise that the baby was that big. From 37 weeks of pregnancy on, the baby gains half a pound per week. If she was just a week over, it puts the baby in the 90th percentile of his age. Pregnancy is not a disease. And most of the time, there's people who are sick in hospitals. A woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy can leave when they're ready. One day, two days, it's all fine. Jen, thank you. Let's get the last word on this. And what we've been seeing today and yesterday and just how people are reacting from the news. I think it's a wonderful exposure. A pride of the monarchy. It's here to stay. As we can see. We generated, rebounded. Very exciting. Thank you. We're going to turn from the royal couple to a reconciled one.

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{"id":19744878,"title":"Breaking Tradition: Modern Royals Bring Up Baby","duration":"3:14","description":"Author of \"The Diana Chronicles,\" Tina Brown, weighs in on Kate's newfound motherhood. ","url":"/GMA/video/breaking-tradition-modern-royals-bring-baby-19744878","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}