Always the Bridesmaid: Woman's Been In 14 Wedding Parties

Kristy Fabrizi reveals her bridesmaid dresses collected over the years.
2:28 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Always the Bridesmaid: Woman's Been In 14 Wedding Parties
I think you did. Let's continue our "gma" bridal blowout. We have her real-life counterpart. Christy has been in 14 wedding parties. That means 14 dresses. Abc's linsey davis took a look in her crowded closet. Bridesmaids dresses? Reporter: The movie "27 dresses" may have captured the conundrum best. Closets, bursting at the scenes of bridesmaids dresses. You kept them all? I have a lot of friends. And I like to keep them. Reporter: Christy knows the sentiment well. She's been a bridesmaid in 14 weddings. Everybody would say to me, oh, christy, you're like the real-life katherine heigl. Reporter: And if it's some unwritten rite of bridehood, her friends told her that famous white lie, trying to convince her she'd be able to wear those dresses again. Any chance you're going to wear this again? No. Reporter: Some brides appear to be changing with the trend. Many brides are starting to let their bridesmaids choose their own style. The key is giving your bridesmaids guidelines. You can tell your bridesmaids they can pick their dress that flatter their body shape. Reporter: If the bride isn't about the democratic process, you can always repurpose her pick later. If you hate it and you don't like to have anything to do with it, you can use the fabric and maybe make a pillowcase. Reporter: Albeit an expensive pillowcase. These dresses can cost more than $300. And that doesn't include the cost of engagement party, wedding party, or shower and gifts. I spent over $10,000. Reporter: Christy may have a lighter wallet and cramped closet full of dresses she'll never wear again. But she says her friends are worth it. For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. Guess what we have christy here with most of her bridesmaids dresses, which is pretty remarkable. I have to ask you. You've been invited to 14 weddings. Why did you keep all of your dresses? Each one holds a separate memory. And I feel like maybe one day i can rewear the dresses. Have you wore one again? I have. This black one I wore to a fund-raiser. And you have a favorite? I do. This is my favorite. You look beautiful. Thank you. Your friends appreciate your loyalty.

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{"id":19381266,"title":"Always the Bridesmaid: Woman's Been In 14 Wedding Parties","duration":"2:28","description":"Kristy Fabrizi reveals her bridesmaid dresses collected over the years.","url":"/GMA/video/bridesmaid-kristy-fabrizi-14-wedding-parties-19381266","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}