'Bringing in Finn': A Grandmother's Labor of Love

Kristine Casey gave birth to her own grandson because of her daughter's struggles with infertility.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for 'Bringing in Finn': A Grandmother's Labor of Love
And that is just fine because of this next story. It's an extraordinary family and a gift that can truly be called a labor of love. You're looking at exclusive home video of the young life of finn. The book, "bringing in finn," tells the story of how christine casey gave birth to her own grandson because of her daughter's struggles with infertility. I know that. We talked about it all morning long. We welcome you. I'm so blessed to meeting finn. I want to talk to you to get the back story for our viewers. You struggled greatly with infertility. I did. My husband and I always wanted children. I came off the birth control pill and I wasn't having a cycle. We tried holistic treatments. And went to a specialist who said, you're not ovulating. And miscarriages? We went on to fertility treatments. Ivf. I lost babies. And we got pregnant one more time and has a miscarriage. So sorry. AND IN COMES %4UbxK We never could have fathomed. And, chris, you were ten years past menopause, right? I love the description. It's like baby sitting for nine months opinion how did it feel for you to go through that journey again, but this time with a grandchild? It was so amazing to feel that little heartbeat and little movements inside of me. And to feel the confidence that, for some reason, I felt confident that I could do this. And we could have this wonderful grandson. There could have been complications. Were you concerned about that? Did you have any issues? Sure. The doctors were very clear that the percentages did increase with my age being a faor. But still, the odds were pretty overwhelming, that we would be successful. The idea didn't seem to come from inside me. And so, I just felt like it was a journey we needed to take. And if we were so lucky and blessed, this we were, it would end with a grandchild. And so, you did. A year and a half old. Healthy, happy, gorgeous finn. I have to ask you, sara. How did it feel to see your mom growing with your baby? It was so surreal. I felt very connected in the pregnancy. We were able to live together for a lot of the time. I felt so connected with finn and with my mom. And it's a completely surreal, fantastical situation. And so, it felt amazing. My gratitude just really can't even be described. I'll bet. Have you got up how you'll explain this to finn? This is something we want to celebrate in our family. It feels like a miracle. When he's old enough to understand those things, we want to find a way to share what the experience is like. And also that it's just how he got here. Well, god bless. We're so happy to see him. So happy to see you looking fantastic. And the name of the book is "bringing in finn." Finn is here, by the way. You heard him before. Check out a little more on the amazing journey. Go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! To hear more about

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{"id":17148242,"title":"'Bringing in Finn': A Grandmother's Labor of Love","duration":"3:00","description":"Kristine Casey gave birth to her own grandson because of her daughter's struggles with infertility.","url":"/GMA/video/bringing-finn-grandmother-birth-daughters-baby-17148242","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}