Bristol Palin's Ex, Levi Johnston, Wants Custody of Tripp

The father of Sarah Palin's grandson calls Bristol a bad mother.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Bristol Palin's Ex, Levi Johnston, Wants Custody of Tripp
She is living life with her little boy, tripp. And what is caught on tape may fuel a fight on how she's parenting her son. Tripp's father, levy johnston saying he might want custody. Neal karlinsky has the latest. Reporter: When it comes to bristol and levy, it's hard to find the difference between reality show and reality show fodder. But this time, johnston says he doesn't like how the palins are raising his son. We have to go to bed. Reporter: It's a custody battle made for reality television. You're a good boy. I hate you guys. Stop saying that. You're going to go into timeout. Reporter: That's bristol palin, going toe-to-toe with her 3-year-old, tripp, as captured on her little-watched reality show, "life's a tripp." But what comes next isn't just bad behavior by a feisty toddler. It's the spark that set off the boy's father, levy johnston. You're not cute. You're not cute. I hate you. You say that one more time, you'll get soap in your mouth. Got it? . I don't like you. What did you just say? I can't believe he just said that. I'm doing a terrible job disciplining tripp. Does mommy put you in timeout? No. Reporter: It was the f-bomb that rocked wasilla, alaska, which shot this document of levy look going to get documents to pick up his son. I want full or half-custody of tripp. He says he is disgusted by the behavior he is seeing of his son on the show. And he thinks that tripp is in a downward spiral. When he's with bristol and her parenting going on. Reporter: When we caught up with levy in wasilla a few years ago, he told us tripp meant the world to him. Everything. Give anything for him. You'd give everything for him? I'd give anything for him. Reporter: Together, levy and bristol are magnets for controversy. Bristol palin says one moment captured on camera isn't a fair way to judge her skills as a mother. He's going to say what he's going to say. And I don't approve of him talking like that. And I'm working on my disciplining him. Reporter: We reached out to bristol palin for further comment. But she declined. And levy johnston isn't parent of the year himself. He's expecting another child with a new girl this fall. He has a name picked out. Breeze beretta johnston. That's after his favorite gun, the baretta.

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{"id":16946115,"title":"Bristol Palin's Ex, Levi Johnston, Wants Custody of Tripp","duration":"3:00","description":"The father of Sarah Palin's grandson calls Bristol a bad mother.","url":"/GMA/video/bristol-palins-levi-johnston-custody-tripp-airing-lifes-16946115","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}