Royal Family Album: A Storybook Introduction

An animated picture book for the newest heir to the throne.
2:50 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Royal Family Album: A Storybook Introduction
Little royal baby over the family and -- a queen for a great grandmother and a prince for -- death. Your story begins at Saint Andrews you Wear your parents first met in 2002. Your mother Catherine Middleton who loves hockey among sports born and raised in a small village. She was a commoner of sorts until she married this man his royal highness the prince and now -- -- -- duchess a new title ever since. Your father duke of Cambridge is second in line into -- room -- rescue pilot and royal who served in an Afghan war zone. His father -- granddad is Prince Charles -- CE. He paints watercolors -- ponies as an admiral in the royal navy his first wife Diana was known as the people's princess. She's the mother of your father always followed by the press. A fairy tale wedding. But their love didn't last. Presents a strong. Even though she has passed. -- second -- is known as Camilla for short. But if he takes the -- shall be for royal highness the princess consort. Your uncle Prince Harry keep a close eye on him. A chopper pilot indeed. Who has fun on a whim. But it's great grand mom you'll learn who really steals the scene her -- -- her purse long live the queen. Close by her side Prince Philip her spouse. Buckingham Palace is their home. But they have more than one house. -- Sandringham and Balmoral to more of their states. And royal train and -- get lots for those nautical play dates but winds -- how's your royal blood that's only half of your tail. Meet your mom's side the party planners by mail. Michael your granddad had a modest -- start he was dispatching flights when he stole grand mom's heart. Carroll was an attendant with a plan to devise a family business mail order that would sell party supplies. On flippant or Pepa is your mom's younger -- with a party blog and ambition. And a smile you can't miss. James is your uncle who has what it takes to start a company of his own that whips up fancy cakes. With cousins galore both royal and not mind they're -- advice because this is what they've got. But when it works in your favor and that title passes down you'll have one -- don't have. The British royal crown.

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{"id":19476626,"title":"Royal Family Album: A Storybook Introduction","duration":"2:50","description":"An animated picture book for the newest heir to the throne. ","url":"/GMA/video/british-royal-family-album-19476626","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}