Brooke Burke on Cancer Recovery, Hosting Miss America

Brooke Burke-Charvet shares her journey from cancer diagnosis to recovery, and her future plans.
5:59 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for Brooke Burke on Cancer Recovery, Hosting Miss America
We continue now -- dancing with stars has brought Berkshire bank. She shocked everyone just two months ago -- revealing she had thyroid cancer she underwent surgery. And now thankfully life is getting back to normal we're gonna talk to her live in her first TV interview since the diagnosis. And the surgery the first. Here's a look at brooks' story. -- Her energy is infectious -- body seemingly flawless and well. She's best known as the -- patients co host on dancing with the stars. And black here's historic. But Brooke Burke -- some other important results to deal with this year in November test showed she had thyroid cancer. So the 41 year old mother of Ford took to the web chronicling her journey she first posted this video titled can't -- needs. On her modern mom blog and he's affect its energy and how to start protecting me. Which means that -- they have. A nice -- current -- -- neck this surgery took place December 5 the same day Brooke tweeted this photo. Last looks at my neck -- -- Not long after the operation brook road I'm resting and recovering surgery went well feels like I got hit by a car much -- one week later -- received a clean bill of health sharing the news again. Owner blog the thyroid cancer has been removed from my body. In all my lymph nodes are clear. I am feeling fantastic. Aside from a little scar I -- good ago and now in the new year Brooke is thankful for her help. Yeah we're looking forward to the new season of dancing with the stars and a bright future ahead with their families and. Hey happy new year indeed for Brooke Burke Sharma thank you so much for being with us to talk about -- scare Thompson happy to be -- and I'm one of a lucky one yeah I would it was shocking him and I never thought -- hear. The word cancer in relation -- you know -- -- and you know the movie in my mind and I got my diagnosis is that -- -- mother Africa where children about a family counting on me. And little bit scary -- -- really hear that news but I. I did my research and not with an incredible medical -- and you know the message really is about preventative health because I had no symptoms. And generally thyroid cancer. You know is is very subtle symptoms I went for a regular physical. She finally yearly physical at 56000 people diagnosed last year at this affects more women than men mostly women I think less than 15% -- so these subtle symptoms what can people look for change and ways I have been very very subtle little -- That was questionable so I went in for my yearly routine physical and my doctor suddenly taken an ultrasound in check that out nothing serious just check it out. -- in front ultrasound it was significant enough inside to had a biopsy done and that first biopsy came back a -- which means can't determine whether it's cancer not cancer. And you can maybe do nothing and come back and six months can check it again I thought doesn't really feel very good and we're so fortunate -- to have access to. Genetic testing I went in and had some. Really. Detailed tests done by doctor Glenn Bernstein and sure -- the results came back and wins. 75%. -- cancer home and -- so honest and blogging about this one of earnings of one of your entries was particularly heartbreaking and now leisure little boy's reaction to news that your cancer. All the children really handled it differently and I chose not to tell my husband and I chose not to share with the children too soon because I was waiting several months before -- scheduled my surgery. My son actually says -- -- get it. You know that in his mind -- four years old you know he doesn't know what cancer means my six year old to -- money. I'm gonna go with younger don't hold your hand and gonna go to every appointment. My oldest daughter was really difficult for her when it was in the news and her friends had to come -- and we heard about your mom and we're so sorry and initial crash I don't know if I was location in the promise her that nothing was gonna happen. You know fortunately I did a lot of research and I knew that the prognosis for thyroid cancer is really acts on his highly -- that I was gonna be okay. But I was also very fortunate that. I was responsible enough to do a regular physical and then take action and you you're you're quite open honest no makeup on you know me up this is the first from the accident and -- -- -- yes but you know it's it's it's. Trash it's a month all of and I think scars tell -- story and I'm so fortunate you are so. Fortunate -- also already back added I -- celebrate I mean we we have -- January here and yet why not -- watch -- you're -- positive thinking on the Brooke -- body sexy -- and Brooke -- body thirty days slimmed down -- you're already back to work on back to work I feel great and I never thought I'd be here in New York talking fitness and you know recovering from you know this cancer scare. But it's amazing night I shot the dvds this summer I'm really excited about it it's a thirty day programs. What I do with my -- of their loans. To stay in shape. It's effective it's really fun -- sort of bringing the dance party back to fitness as a redneck. You can do it at home no excuses -- -- -- this month in January I know did you fashion that -- in her personal life and I don't think by January we're guided and that's what we're trying to do an and that's -- everybody check out anger and also. Your value you tell -- you are here you're just you're recovering you're doing his dvds and now you're off to Vegas to be with Sam Champion yes that's her high value won't be Erica you won't be there this year notes Sam well any advice for him -- he's got a job I've got easier job posting. In his it's really about the full package and I think. The Miss America contestants they're so Smart they're so charitable it's really about scholarships they're all beautiful but he's got to find a full well rounded woman his. And talents like dining out. Miss Brooke Burke Sharia I think hanging -- -- -- trying to. Quite an ending to a year now I'm just thankful and I sharing you are opening her eyes to -- cancer and now initiate and but the last season -- --

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{"id":18160396,"title":"Brooke Burke on Cancer Recovery, Hosting Miss America","duration":"5:59","description":"Brooke Burke-Charvet shares her journey from cancer diagnosis to recovery, and her future plans.","url":"/GMA/video/brooke-burke-charvet-thyroid-cancer-recovery-hosting-miss-18160396","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}