Brooke Burke Reveals New 60-Second Workout

"Dancing With the Stars" co-host discusses her new exercise DVD collection.
3:26 | 02/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brooke Burke Reveals New 60-Second Workout
Cameron mathison he look like the fittest man on earth but even he was challenged by Brooke Burke Chardonnay is new work out. The Dancing With The Stars -- -- has a new exercise dvd collection that many have all of us working up. -- -- just sixty seconds before. As being a busy mother of -- co hosting one of America's top television shows is in the. How does Brooke Burke stay fit and healthy and so in shape I mean it's not as if she's got a minute -- But get this even a minute Brooks says can make a difference. That's right you heard me -- -- one minute long exercise. -- her new exercise dvd collection there are more coming out is a portable gym routine she and I practiced what she -- If you can only keep up with -- -- He screwed rules follows we're gonna do when the cycles here. We're doing one minute cycles -- -- everybody working multiple body -- -- knocked me out over and over I wondered is this better than dancing caloric and muscular. Boy do I remember dances exercise. Of course who could forget Brooks finally. -- -- Some Dancing With The Stars fans say it. It will go down as one of the greatest shows his. So these exercises. You can adapt -- History minute workout for an hour -- apps worse than an hour or bust it's not an hour -- its promise mile stretch out -- -- cool down. But their segments that we have some lower body some core. And some upper -- Northern Dupree on something of a -- can do for a minute not like tumbling. So this is one of my favorites OK what looks like trickled -- -- together and that's really go for it had a different -- it so it's your basic. Lions. But it sideways. You're using your -- for balance. You'll notice we've only gone through fifteen seconds on -- it's your heart rate -- But I I'm feeling muscles in my body that I actually didn't -- distant countries and talk to me tomorrow. Oh yeah. This mother or was killing me on the exercise nationally. -- -- -- With the guru over here -- is in good shape for the fourteenth season of Dancing With The Stars. I wish I had -- everybody thinks that -- that I know if anybody knew they would tell one person accidentally would've had a conversation with the everywhere you have -- software. You know can we call right now we can count on a harder time -- comments that -- I would be so pissed off. Stop avoiding any wildlife watching and and -- -- prepare for dancing stars and I know you know something we know you know something Tom. I had apology and rumor I heard Peter Hearn and numerous bridges and letting any -- We -- with -- only in Hollywood story good we bumped into getting off the treadmill but TV legend. Dick Van Dyke I was -- if you would be interest in -- and one of the moves without us I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- All comparisons that's what it is where it happened right -- Oh were hurt myself but I don't show opened the polish leaders and that should go -- -- three majors the Green living room. Department that.

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{"id":15757264,"title":"Brooke Burke Reveals New 60-Second Workout","duration":"3:26","description":"\"Dancing With the Stars\" co-host discusses her new exercise DVD collection.","url":"/GMA/video/brooke-burke-reveals-60-workout-15757264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}