Brutal Bear Attack in Florida

Woman dragged by black bear from her garage suffers injuries to head, face, legs and torso.
1:52 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Brutal Bear Attack in Florida
We'll turn now to one woman's horrifying encounter with five bears. It happened in Florida. When she made a shocking discovery in her garage. She's very lucky to be alive this morning. Michelle Franzen has more on this story. Reporter: Overnight a chilly discover for a woman to the trip to the garage. Investigators say the run-in with the black bear happened at the victim's central Florida home. The woman was attacked as she went to investigate a noise in her garage and discovered five bears, like these, going through her trash. They attacked her. She was dragged out of the garage into the driveway. Reporter: The 45-year-old woman was able to escape and get inside the house where her husband called for help. The victim's brother tells ABC news his sister was at a local hospital being treated for her injuries. Neighbors say she has wounds to her head, neck and torso. More people move to wooded areas where black bears run. Saturday's attack just ten miles from where 54-year-old woman was slashed while walking her dogs in December. A woman I think she's been Mau mauled by a bear. Reporter: Wildlife experts say black bears while dangerous typically don't attack but they're on the hunt for food. Keep trash and food covered and out of sight. We wish that woman well. News out of France this morning, in the country that has

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{"id":23308737,"title":"Brutal Bear Attack in Florida","duration":"1:52","description":"Woman dragged by black bear from her garage suffers injuries to head, face, legs and torso.","url":"/GMA/video/brutal-bear-attack-florida-23308737","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}