Bryan Brothers, Victoria Azarenka Preview US Open

Tennis stars descend on New York for the highly anticipated tournament.
4:42 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Bryan Brothers, Victoria Azarenka Preview US Open
Very excited to be in the middle of times square on a tennis court we put together to celebrate the U.S. Open. So excited, the best tennis players in the world descending on New York. Three of them right here. It officially kicks off on Monday and we'll get a preview and raise awareness for a great charity. Want to talk to the Bryan brothers and Victoria azarenka. Grai congratulations on all the success. Tennis, we know it. We love it. You guys are here for a great cause. We're excited to be partners with eesurance. Go #rallyforacause and we're proud to be part of an event like this. Thank you for doing that it's touched a lot of us and the V foundation for cancer research is doing a lot of great things and 100% of the money goes to that foundation. When you donate it, it goes right to research. Not for anything else. What am I going to do out here with these people? Let's show the ball. Doesn't quite bounce here so -- This is not exactly regulation. So give us an idea what you'll be doing with the drys and stuff out here with folks. I'm going to be coaching, it's very unusual for me, I have an opportunity to coach you guys but I think we're going back to the grass court game here a little bit. You know, playing some volleys, no bounce and going to have some fun. How cool is it for you guys, for anybody if you're in new York City to come down and be with players who are actually going to be in the U.S. Open? I want to ask you a little about that. You've been a finalist in the past two opens. How is your foot feeling and are you ready to make those finals again. Pie foot is feeling much better. I'm really excited to be here. New York is always such a special place with this, you know, electric vibe and so much energy and the fans are like straight up. You know, sports fans so it's really amazing and I always love coming here. All right. We wish you luck. You won the mixed doubles title out there. I did. You guys knew something about winning at the U.S. Open. Was it 15, something like that. 15? Something like that. How are you approaching this one. We're excited for another U.S. Open. I think this is our 20th U.S. Open. We started in '95 so we're trying to win another title there. It would be our 100th title so we're hoping to do that at our home slam. Get some support from the fans and -- That's awesome. Yeah. First played in 1995. It's like the secret language of twins on the tennis court. When you're out there, what is the secret weapon? We can rch each other's mind of that's the key. You got to move as a team. You play a lot of doubles. You have to cover your partner and can't let a lot of balls go through the middle. Show them how to do it. Victoria, will you give us pointers her. Yes, I will help you. All right. Good luck, guy. Good luck. Bob and robin. Volume I volley, right? Nice. Sorry, girl. Back at you. Look at that court. I mean the bounce is incredible. Oh, you're a pro. Oh, yeah. Robin. I don't think anybody needs coaching here. Nice. You guys are excellent players. Nice. Look at those reflexes. A double-handed backhand. I like that. The one-handed one. I like to mix it up. That's the way to do it, keeping that short and getting that weight moving forward. Yes. Nice. Backhand. You like the forehand better. Who wants an overhead. I do? Here's an overhead. Crush it. Don't kill me. Robin, give us a big one. Give us your best azarenka. You want one? Overhead. I'll feed you one. Don't hurt us. Kill it. Oh. Are you okay, Mr. Bryan? Yeah, I'm okay. Almost hit me right in the eye. I would never. All right. Sorry. Trick shot. So this is just a sampling of what we'll see when you guys are on the court. This is -- Robin, you're good. Nice. Oh. All right. Hey. A 360. Wow! Okay. All right. All right. Guys. As we continue -- Great job. Check out ESPN's coverage of the 2014 U.S. Open. It begins Monday, August 25th at

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{"id":25066390,"title":"Bryan Brothers, Victoria Azarenka Preview US Open","duration":"4:42","description":"Tennis stars descend on New York for the highly anticipated tournament.","url":"/GMA/video/bryan-brothers-victoria-azarenka-preview-us-open-25066390","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}