'Breaking Bad' Star on Pressure to Deliver Great Finale for Fans

Bryan Cranston discusses the final episodes of AMC's popular series.
3:25 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Breaking Bad' Star on Pressure to Deliver Great Finale for Fans
brought to you by hotels.Com. Josh? Oh, sam. This is my favorite. You walk down the hollywood, there's a victoria's secret angel. And there's a smurf. And then, there's bryan cranst cranston. All good things must come to an end. That's the promo for the final episode of "breaking bad." Great to he bryan cranston here. The star of the program. And you brought us a sneak peek. You all know exactly who i am. Say my name. Do what? I don't know -- yeah, you do. I'm the cook. I'm the man who killed gus spring. Killed gus spring. Walter hissenburg, you made him a household name. Here we go. Something we've been talking about for the better part of a year. This was going to happen. I thought you were talking about the models here. That was in your deal. I had my clip many years ago. We talked about it. Iconic character. How are you going to miss him? It's the best role of my life. I miss him already. We finished in early april. They're going to start airing next week. It's a fantastic opportunity. And I loved every minute of it. Without giving away what happens here in the end, this is a cult, iconic series. So, as with all other cult favorites, they have to end. But, boy, the fans are going to rise up if they're not completely happy. Do you have any pause about how it ends? If people will be satisfied the. I think the fans will be very satisfied. We forgive each other. We hug. We sing kumbaya. It's "breaking badz," after all. Unapologetically. Justifia justifiably. Isn't that one of the legacies of this show. I thought it "breaking bad," when watching the wedding series of "game of thrones." A series like yours, is that bad things happen to everyone all the time. Do you let yourself think of the legacy of the series at this point? Not at this point. Something goes down as a classic or leaving a legacy, that's up to the fans to decide. All we're trying to do is focus on making the best show that we can, and tell an honest story. Do you remember that moment you got the part? Do you remember the phone call? Yeah. I kind of manufactured it. I really did. I tell the story about going in and wanting to lift my leg on vince gilligan, who created the show, and put my scent on him. And he became my champion to get the role. It changed my life. And look what's happened. It's going to be tough to let it go. And thank you so much. One of the great, die ciconic roles. Premiere, august 11th on amc. Coming

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{"id":19814634,"title":"'Breaking Bad' Star on Pressure to Deliver Great Finale for Fans","duration":"3:25","description":"Bryan Cranston discusses the final episodes of AMC's popular series.","url":"/GMA/video/bryan-cranston-interview-2013-breaking-bad-star-pressure-19814634","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}