Buckingham Palace on Alert for Intruders

Armed officers increase security after a man was arrested for scaling a fence of the Queen's home.
2:00 | 09/08/13

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Transcript for Buckingham Palace on Alert for Intruders
But start with buccal ham palace. After arresting a guy who scaled a fence to the queen's home. News this morning armed officers may have mistaken prince andrew for an intruder. Nick is at buckingham palace with the story. Reporter: Good morning. You're right. Two security incidents in one week. Clearly the queen's forwards are jumpy. It was reportedly a tense standoff in the buckingham palace gardens, they thought he was an intruder. That's when the british tabloid said he was the queen's own son. Prince andrew, the former husband of sara ferguson. No arms were drawn, force used, and cleared after identifying himself. It shows the police are tense. This time of the year, tens of thousands of people coming into the palace to view it and exiting through the garden. Somebody is in an area where the public shouldn't be. Confront them. Reporter: The confrontation happened wednesday after a real-life intruder broke into the queen's home. He climbed 12 foot walls and entered the state rooms. The same place where a state dinner was for president obama. He was arrested with an accomplice. They won't link the incidents, but the palace will take them both seriously and review security. Her majesty's famous words are get it right, put it right, and there's a review of that you will be certain. And hopefully it will be right. Reporter: They are conducting the review, anding loog at security. And this morning, one tabloid saying that the two guards who stopped andrew were embarrassed and he's unhappy. One can imagine. The royal goords on edge. Our thanks to you.

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{"id":20191705,"title":"Buckingham Palace on Alert for Intruders","duration":"2:00","description":"Armed officers increase security after a man was arrested for scaling a fence of the Queen's home.","url":"/GMA/video/buckingham-palace-alert-intruders-20191705","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}