Buddy Valastro's 4th of July Cakes

The cake boss stops by "GMA" with his most patriotic cakes.
3:53 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for Buddy Valastro's 4th of July Cakes
Test Text1 plain We're celebrating all-american food this week. We go for the big fourth of July weekend. We asked our good friend, cake boss, buddy valastro, on the eve of the fourth. His favorite concoctions and convections. Delicious. Look at the cakes that buddy brought with us. The cake boss rockin' it on the fourth. You and I were talking about this one. This is my favorite. Even though it's not red, white and blue. The color from the fireworks is a cool cake. I like this guy, too. This is something people can do at home. If you want to do berries and cream, you can put it on a platter and feel festive for the fourth. I know you have a challenge for us. I hope you're ready. Quick question. "Next best bakers" kicked off. Tuesdays on tlc. Who is going to win? Who knows how to cake decorate here? Anybody? All right. You got one minute. Best cake wins. Winner takes all. Loser gets a cake in the face. I'm kidding. Set, go. Sprinkles. Use the bag. Use the bag. Use the bag. Let me see. You got it. We got it. A smiley face. I love that. We got it. You smeared the whole top. What are you doing? Spin it here. You got it. Some strawberries. I like it. I like it. Looking good. Keep it up. One minute. The flag. Get it. I don't know. Who is going to win? Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. All right. Well, listen. Let's go down the line and check these out. Look at this one. This one seems to be my favorite. What does it say? I don't know. Keep your day job. It says made in America. Are you plugging your series? It might be a little plug. I don't know. You like that? No. And then, the perfectionist. I have a star with the flag. Perfect star, symmetry. Good use of color. Okay. Did somebody bring this in? It was better than David's, right? That's all you're saying. I used actual firecrackers. I like that. I like that. Simple. Elegant. Don't go too big or you will fail. I just stuck it in. You had a minute. Wise job. I did a happy face. It was designed after you. It looks like me. I didn't realize you could turn this. I like this. Good job. Fireworks coming out. I love it. I love it. Winner. Celebrations. For all of the cake recipes, our

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{"id":24410042,"title":"Buddy Valastro's 4th of July Cakes","duration":"3:53","description":"The cake boss stops by \"GMA\" with his most patriotic cakes.","url":"/GMA/video/buddy-valastros-4th-july-cakes-24410042","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}