Buddy Valastro's Holiday Baking Tricks

"The Cake Boss" shares some tricks and recipes from his book.
4:05 | 12/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Buddy Valastro's Holiday Baking Tricks
We are -- got a Christmas today with cake boss buddy the last rays got -- -- new decorating tricks straight out of his funk baking cake boss -- everybody's best recipes and decorating seekers. And we're gonna get right to -- -- put us on the test today I got. Blackened my cookies -- I mean I love a classic New York black boy cooking and -- and -- and -- trick is if do you bacon you got to freeze of okay your eyesight and -- medical okay. So we you do if you take a little spatula okay and you gotta give the -- -- -- are you gonna put it on half. And -- our mutual corporation new Vanilla vodka to spread -- over. Does he -- music and put all the movies -- -- will be chip production -- Yeah everybody -- -- little. I think your right to know what can you do it side by side so easy to have been the Anaheim over Detroit is the freezing of creativity don't freeze -- -- rising gets all over the place and and you're gonna have a mess nobody likes a sloppy black world. OK. And not a good who -- -- Well -- headed to Turkey -- everything else. Yeah -- yeah. Talking yeah. Enrollees are right now I love look at all -- -- turning to take off pastry bag but -- And the -- northern Italy has -- -- you can't -- -- sides the end got to keep it inside and squeeze it. Megan nice dollop on top -- Okay -- Robin good accidentally hear about it Roberts. -- on the other side of the others also have both -- -- -- both sides but make sure that there's no gap in the middle -- Yeah. And yeah -- no later noted. Makes anybody think this easy this kind of liquidity squeeze it hold -- squeeze it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right easy good good good -- -- Great tip for you already rolled out -- holiday Biden Heidi is picking up from put into the -- And the ruling. Okay. Take your role in -- OK and then roll it up on -- with the depend. -- -- pull your thing back to -- you -- back. Right here right right now pick WP now from here from here because otherwise it will spend all of and then there's been Rolling Stone. You got. Data format then an enemy here bottom big bottom bottom bottom that's that in any -- -- daddy I want. An island because you're directing high -- haven't gotten up I exactly and you know what if you just like a broom handles that they'll work to do about it and yeah because you know what you're not gonna have dependable and -- when -- started -- on the Pensacola -- better on our. The dual where we're literally lots what are we particularly telling because I don't know what will what do we do all right got to make its interfaces got to look like -- -- -- easy -- -- -- -- you gotta squeeze a little -- and shake it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's only -- old Johnstone and yeah. We keep our citizens. On Hannity bill bill and send -- now I don't know if they got a -- How that I had was -- -- -- the other idea that he had nobody to gobble little did the Idaho. And then -- all the refineries shut the garage got Yahoo! let's take you gotta go next Baker's life they're actually housing job. That is looking like gas -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Read out remember red red policy got morning.

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{"id":15137226,"title":"Buddy Valastro's Holiday Baking Tricks","duration":"4:05","description":"\"The Cake Boss\" shares some tricks and recipes from his book.","url":"/GMA/video/buddy-valastros-holiday-baking-tricks-15137226","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}