Building a Strong Personal Brand

Design your own career path and grow your own way.
5:48 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Building a Strong Personal Brand
Every plant -- Tory Johnson and -- is at work. The job hunt can be grueling especially when you're trying to stand out among a sea of candidates. And that's what -- yourself is essential yet too often overlooked so here to tell us how to build a strong personal brand is Paula -- The US and global talent leader with professional services firm PWC hey Paula. Hey there how are you I'm -- start out with by explaining what exactly is. A personal brand and why isn't so much talk about personal branding. I think. The importance of personal branding is really all around differentiating yourself that your personal brand is really. It's really your your and promised the value the way you present yourself it's your. That's your reputation is how you want to be viewed. And to be Ellison described that the -- I think -- -- an interview situation and then networking. Opportunity that's really what makes it's valuable. And so that takes them some practice it takes them -- yes I'm really. Being clear who you are -- what your personal brand is and I know have a lot to do with you. As an individual in your personal life it's not just. The professional -- -- how confusing that personal and professional together really boost your career. Well I think we on other things that were passionate about make us more enthusiastic. And make us appear just more engaging. So what you -- your personal brand has to be what you. Something that -- come up with have to do some self reflection you have to really dig down and looking yourself and say what what makes you -- what are you passionate about what you really want to share with others. In needs to be authentic but it also needs to be -- via a differentiator. All right. And so when you what you think about what that is and you think also simultaneously. About the importance of being flexible when looking for work at something that we tell people all the time. So sure job seekers make their -- and adaptable to meet the needs of prospective employer support -- grant. Pretty firmly established which means that frankly not every -- is going to be a suitable match for you because you know what you're -- -- passions aren't. It's not always going to be -- Fayette. I think everybody's brand has a little little latitude and it but I do think. There are going to be certain players that are not the right now it's. You know at at PWC will really proud of about the fact that for the eighth consecutive year were on fortunes. 100 best companies to work for. So I think doing things like that doing a little online research finding out about the company and seen whether or not it would be a match for you. Is pretty important research to do in advance and then you have to -- brand around that and see whether or not you think it'll work. -- you say speaking of doing some online research that creating a strong digital presence is more important than ever before so what's your best advice on. Tackling -- effectively. So my best advice on that is continuous management. I guess it is not a onetime events as we all know the the Internet -- quite dynamic so. I would suggest that people get out there and Google themselves you know take a look to see -- the answers are you know if you take. Step back and look at your impression on FaceBook a look and see who your connections are on -- -- possibly and make sure that the personal brand that you're giving off -- online it reconciles to what you really want it to say about yourself. And I would suggest managing that on a regular basis. For recruiting purposes do you do you do a global search -- people that you're interviewing do you check out someone's digital identity online. Frequently we do we absolutely do in fact I do that even not only recruiting but just when I'm -- set to meet somebody. So I think it's much more common now certainly than and becoming more more common that was previously. Absolutely and it's easy just expect -- knows -- rises back lot the good information there -- -- and fun. Only you know we -- as you just -- personal branding on going this is not something that's you know one stop it that. What should -- particularly look for as we continued to of all our own brand and then make that known to others. I think it's a look at a lot of different elements but I think sitting down and developing your personal brand is really the place to start sell if you actually go on to of the PWC website -- say it laid out five steps that you can go through. The first line is being hailed the tally your. Tell your story you know doing that self reflection understanding what your story is what your image you want it to be. Two I think is stepping back and seeing what -- your passions. And making sure their infused in the story. Just a little bit of giving back because when you start to give -- -- contribute use you realize what it is that you have a value that you can give to others. And that's usually an interesting element to -- to your personal brand. Checking out that online brand as we talked about and then last but not least is putting together a brand plan. As we all know we -- career plans we think about you know where to we want to be in the future and things change and our careers -- twists and turns in circuitous routes but. It's a good place to start to do a brand plan and they just kind of see how you go and revisited on and -- Absolutely RA. Thanks -- and valuable advice and and really Smart stuff to take those take the time to go through those five steps on your web -- -- thanks for being there. Thank you for having me absolutely and for more information on building a solid personal -- -- it PWC online.

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