Jonah Mowry: 'You Can Be Happy... Just Have to Try'

Bullied teen whose Internet video went viral talks to "GMA" about his ordeal.
5:08 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Jonah Mowry: 'You Can Be Happy... Just Have to Try'
-- joined by the brave young -- a soft fourteen year old Joan Murray along with his mom and -- -- -- -- -- and his brother Julian welcome to you on. So. Must feel pretty good to have seven point eight. Million supporters behind you including lady -- Perez Hilton and so many more. What a difference a few months makes. I was -- -- could really happy and excited to know that like. People would be there for me in like. Topic was and attention needed. Take me back if you will Joanna to August. -- that night. And let me June. Make those cards and -- -- out. Wolf all lanes are my close friends the ones who I could talk to what were all leading to the high school. I didn't think I could make it. -- last year I had all the support I still fairly. Clean out how bad was the bullying. It was pretty fast like. I would come home crying a lot in life. But I wouldn't tell anybody -- think that's what made it worse. And also having a way of having this time come -- and so in August. You're treading on back to school you have not yet told her mom and dad and -- your gang. Com we talked about just two massive -- on your shoulders. Peggy -- did you see any of the signs. Along. I knew that he was being -- I couldn't. Can want to go to the school. And may exacerbate anything make it worse for him. I told him I would and he wouldn't didn't -- killed. I live made it worse. Yeah because. If you like if you after trying to play tough summer after school. Most likely. Advocates who are doing -- -- -- -- won't take any notes you consider Moses come back ten times harder. -- the cycle continues. So going through what you've gone through here what is the message to kids -- in. Issues that you -- -- on that Dark Knight in August holding up cards thinking they can go on. On cable news tell your pants even I mean even if it -- Make it worse maybe you just need to tell some because keeping in just makes it. A lot harder. And if you tell someone that's just a vehicle weight -- off your shoulders. When you guys finally saw the video we saw your son's pain. Was your reaction. I've -- Devastated. That my -- would. We're thinking and suicide and they just broke my heart and I went upstairs and talk German told him that. We love them and I'm glad that perhaps in the past because it was very soon after that there. He told me that he was -- and and British very big way I'll offer his shoulders and it changed the lighter thinner household. Because I think that he has been caring for a long time. Tell you get. Devastated. What kind of how could we kind of not see some of the stuff. -- -- was pretty devastating. And the school -- they respond when they found out when he saw the video. Won't. I called the principal and he was very. Support it and he told me that anything happens that killed doing his best to make sure it doesn't happen again stuff. So my came back to school having. Very supportive and today. Welcoming and nice. And those kids and is very ones that were so cruel to you. Tell me about them today. Won't most of them all apologize and more all. I'm singing we're all pretty. Like. -- -- each other now. You released just this past Thursday he will also showed a video -- looking pretty happy. Smiling. And saying -- -- I'm more okay. We want to -- other kids out there who have felt what you feel. It gets better and you know you can be happy. You just have to try. We're so happy you're OK I think you can help lot of kids out there. Period. Thank John and I.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Bullied teen whose Internet video went viral talks to \"GMA\" about his ordeal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15120338","title":"Jonah Mowry: 'You Can Be Happy... Just Have to Try'","url":"/GMA/video/bullied-teen-jonah-mowry-happy-15120338"}