Bullied Teen Whitney Kropp Fights Back

Bullying victim, 16, gets nominated for homecoming court after cruel prank.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Transcript for Bullied Teen Whitney Kropp Fights Back
And now we're going to turn to another aspiring high school story. A 16-year-old bullying victim is nominated for her high school homecoming court as a cool prank. She managed to turn the table on her bullies. It was the whirlwind weekend that wasn't to be. Standing ovation on the football field. Sophomore whitney kropp sealing the fate on the homecoming. She found last week that her nomination was a complete prank engineered by bullies. . The 16-year-old was so upset she thought about killing herself. I thought about suicide. I thought that I wasn't worthy at all. Reporter: The bullied teen didn't let it get the best offi offier. With help from family and friends, a facebook page was set up. Her story touching hundreds of thousands of people around the country and world. I think it's awful what happened to her. In rally of support, local businesses stepped in, offering a makeover and donating everything from prom dresses to jewelry to anti-bully t-shirts. Flowers came in from as far away as california. On friday, at halftime of the homecoming football game, she bravely took the field to accept the nomination. Her father walking her down the aisle in the ceremony. The opposing team showcasing banners in support. I'm surprised that the team we're going against is supporting me. It's overwhelming. I have no words for this right now. Reporter: And though she didn't win homecoming queen, her courage takes the crown. Don't let them bring you down. Go with your heart and go with your gut. She won a lot more than a crown. Confidence. She looked beautiful. Coming up here on "good morning america" -- an inside look at a sensational crime, a

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{"id":17359086,"title":"Bullied Teen Whitney Kropp Fights Back","duration":"3:00","description":"Bullying victim, 16, gets nominated for homecoming court after cruel prank.","url":"/GMA/video/bullied-teen-whitney-kropp-fights-back-17359086","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}