Teen Bullied for Big Ears Gets Plastic Surgery

Nadia Iles has endured teasing from classmates since she was 7.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Teen Bullied for Big Ears Gets Plastic Surgery
surgery. Usually, it's not the kind of thing we encourage. But for one young woman in georgia, it seemed the only way to end years in bullying. And bianna golodryga is here with the difference it made in this teen's life. Reporter: I loved meeting her. Good morning. For teenagers, there's nothing more terrifying than the first day of high school. Well, nadia ils will be juggling that and more, when she walks through the doors of her new high school for the first time. Revealing her new face to everyone. Reporter: At first glance, 14-year-old nadi has confidence that many her age lack. But just a few months ago, she doesn't bear looking in the mirror. Going to school was a nightmare. She endured abuse at the hands of her classmates, all because of her ears. I felt horrible. Like dirt. What did they say? They called me dumbo. Elephant ears. Reporter: The teasing and bullying started when nadia was just 7 years old. It escalated to the point where she believed the negativity. I got into my shell. And I skipped school a lot. Reporter: You wanted to skip school? Yeah. I made excuses. I said that my stomach hurt. I felt like I was sick, even though I wasn't. Reporter: All of this was a shock to her mom, linda. Recently being laid off and with her 9-year-old son battling cerebral palsy, nadia didn't want to bother her mom with what she thought were superficial problems. I usually cry myself to sleep sometimes, too. Reporter: How does that make you feel hearing that? I'm heartbroken about it. I didn't realize that it was that bad. You know I love you. Reporter: You didn't want to burden your mom? Huh-uh. Reporter: That's become overwhelming? Yeah. Reporter: The abuse got so bad, nadia even contemplated the unimaginable. I did think about suicide. But I didn't think that's a solution. Reporter: It must break your heart to hear your daughter say she contemplated suicide at such a young age. Yeah. It is hard. Reporter: Eventually, nadia spilled all to her mom, and begged for a surgery that would pin back her ears. It was at that point that linda turned to the little baby face foundation. Their story was very compelling. Children with birth defects. Many who are being bullied and don't have financial means to handle the surgical expenses. Reporter: In june, dr. Romo not only performed the surgery to pin her ears back, but also operated on her nose and chin. 40,000 worth of work for free. Do you at all worry that you're sending a message to other bullied children that they, too, need to have plastic surgery to overcome the bullies? It's no different than somebody having teeth that are -- that require braces. She wasn't picked to have her surgery because she was bullied. She was picked because of her formity. Reporter: What do you see in the mirror? I see me. Reporter: After years of leaving her hair down covering her ears, nadia can finally wear it up proud. As for her first day of high school -- can I make a bet? I'll bet you wear it back? Yeah. Reporter: And for the bullies who tormented her -- I forgive. But I don't forget. Reporter: And despite the surgery, nadia and her mom are under no illusions that nadia's problems were just skin-deep. Linda plans to sign her daughter up for counseling sessions, saying that can't fix years of abuse, just the surgery. An important day for her. Thank you very much.

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{"id":16966600,"title":"Teen Bullied for Big Ears Gets Plastic Surgery","duration":"3:00","description":"Nadia Iles has endured teasing from classmates since she was 7.","url":"/GMA/video/bullying-teen-nadia-iles-bullied-big-ears-plastic-16966600","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}