Bus Brawl Caught on Tape, Driver Allegedly Set Up Fight

Two teenage girls seen on video brutally beating one another, bus driver reportedly encourages the brawl.
2:35 | 05/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bus Brawl Caught on Tape, Driver Allegedly Set Up Fight
School yard fights are not unusual but in florida this morning there is an uproar over this fight right here between two teenage girls caught on camera. Here's why, a school bus driver under arrest and charged with child abuse for allegedly arranging the fight. Abc's john schriffen is here with the details. Hey, john. Good morning. Imagine sending your kids to the school only to have the bus driver encourage fighting then authorities say she told the students, get this, what happens on the bus stays on the bus but when just about every child has a cell phone parents and local sheriff's ce soon saw the whole thing. Some might say school yard fights are just part of growing up. But this is no school yard. Authorities say it's actually the school bus driver's front yard. This morning, that driver, 29-year-old patrice sanders, is in jail because authorities say she is the one who set this fight up. Come on, girl. What are you thinking? How in the world could you allow and promote and encourage children to fight? Reporter: The brawl was captured on video by another student as kids rush off the bus to watch the two girls, ages 13 and 16 punching, quicking and pulling each other's hair. Watch as one of the girls throws the other into a barbecue grill. Authorities in florida say it all started thursday on the ride home from school when sanders saw the two girls arguing in the back of the bus. The driver allegedly telling the girls, this is going to be handled today. They need to fight. The 13-year-old telling them I don't want to fight. Reporter: Sanders allegedly skipped the rest of the stops driving 20 miles straight to her house and ordered all 34 students off the bus. Even offering the two scrapping girls vaseline or baby oil so they wouldn't get their faces scratched much the sheriff's office said once the bus got going again, the two girls began fighting again. Instead of putting a stop to it sanders allegedly pulled over to referee round number two. As a school bus driver for the past eight months but after being arrested charged with child abuse she was soon fired. Now, her first appearance will be in co morning, dan and bianna, interesting to see whether she'll plead guilty or fight the charges. The sheriff was remarkable. You rarely see -- come on, girl. You rarely see law enforcement talking like that.

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{"id":19157983,"title":"Bus Brawl Caught on Tape, Driver Allegedly Set Up Fight","duration":"2:35","description":"Two teenage girls seen on video brutally beating one another, bus driver reportedly encourages the brawl.","url":"/GMA/video/bus-brawl-caught-tape-driver-allegedly-set-fight-19157983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}