Butterball Warns of Fresh Turkey Shortage

The turkey producer says it still has enough frozen birds to meet the Thanksgiving demand.
0:59 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Butterball Warns of Fresh Turkey Shortage
Harbaugh has a warning out there haven't -- your -- yet you might want to go get it because they've got a shortage. A fresh turkeys apparently. The birds which is not growing as fast as they hear -- -- This is a potential national crisis yeah -- -- 46 million people eat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. And daughter bought it is that to the biggest -- -- out there there are others of course. -- Obviously if we're lucky enough we can go to you another a butcher or -- farmers marketing get a fresh Turkey which is always better anyway. But for a lot of Americans butterball is the standard and so there aren't enough to go around about my -- meaning higher prices for people and a -- think you know. At the end it usually close at Thanksgiving right after they sell -- -- cents a -- I don't think we're gonna see that this year. -- well. But a Black Friday door busters sales and -- -- exactly -- -- -- to -- grocery store to try to get that last Turkey and just just a qualified as this is were frozen after her for for fresh turkeys frozen turkeys apparently they're plentiful which I don't frankly I think we've always had frozen in my family.

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{"id":20926214,"title":"Butterball Warns of Fresh Turkey Shortage","duration":"0:59","description":"The turkey producer says it still has enough frozen birds to meet the Thanksgiving demand.","url":"/GMA/video/butterball-warns-fresh-turkey-shortage-20926214","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}