Deadly Crackdown on Egypt Protestors

After weeks of threats to evict Morsi supporters, heavily armed forces moved in.
1:50 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Deadly Crackdown on Egypt Protestors
We're going to go straight to that dangerous situation unfolding in egypt right now. Armed forces in the street. The death toll is rising. Hundreds are injured. The violence, now, in its sixth hour. And look at this picture that just came in. The front line of those clashes. It looks like a war zone right now. Abc's muhammad lila is there right now. Good morning, muhammad. Reporter: Good morning, george. Parts of the city of cairo are a battleground right now. Reports of hundreds killed. Although, the official government toll is far fewer than that. Just this morning, the country's banks, railroads and several highways were closed. And this is exactly the type of lockdown and crackdown u.S. Officials were hoping to avoid. Security forces moved in early this morning, with bulldozers and heavily-armed officers, firing teargas. With the streets on fire, young children cry for their parents. As a steady stream of casualties, many with bullet wounds, flood into makeshift hospitals. For weeks, police have been threatening to evict the protesters. Thousands camping out since the country's first democratically-elected president was overthrown last month. U.S. Officials have been trying desperately to pull the country back from the brink, afraid even more anti-american sentiment could lead militants to launch more attacks on neighboring israel. All of this, from a country that now is at war with itself. Now, the bigger concern happening right now is that the violence is spreading. Churches have been attacked and burned down. We know of skirmishes in nine other cities across the country. There's a real concern that the worst could be yet to come. George? Okay, muhammad. Thanks very much. Let's bring in abc's chief

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"After weeks of threats to evict Morsi supporters, heavily armed forces moved in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19955028","title":"Deadly Crackdown on Egypt Protestors","url":"/GMA/video/cairo-egypt-protests-deadly-crackdown-egypt-protestors-19955028"}