Cal Ripken, Jr. on Mom's Abduction: 'It Was A Premeditated Act'

The baseball great discusses his mother's kidnapping.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cal Ripken, Jr. on Mom's Abduction: 'It Was A Premeditated Act'
Joining us live from baltimore, maryland, is cal ripken jr. Cal, good morning to you. Before we get into what happened, we do want to ask about your mother. How is she doing today? She's doing as well as expected. I mean, she's a tough woman. But it's a very traumatic ordeal. Almost one of those bizarre things that happened that you're looking at it and saying, is this really happening, you know, to us? Mom's doing pretty well. You know, when I heard it, you look around your home and you think -- she must have thought, living there for almost half a century, the house where you grew up, and this is what happened there. What's it like for her to be in Well, she's not back in her home yet. So, I guess that gives you some indication how she's feeling. Your sense of security is violated. And you know, families being close to her right now and trying to help her through that. Certainly, we'll look at things a lot differently. She'll look at things a lot differently from this point forward. I know you're joining us this morning. You're looking for help to perhaps identify this man. Take us back to the tuesday morning. About as ordinary a morning as it could have been. And then, there's a man in her house. I didn't find out about it until 9:00 at night. We didn't hear about it until a 911 call came in that identified her car. She was doing her day's normal activities. She woke up early. And was met in her garage at gunpoint. Tied up and put in the car and driven around for about 23 hours. And fortunately, at 6:00 in the morning, she was delivered back, two or three houses down from her house and brought home safely. So, we can't be more thankful for that. Again, we're seeing surveillance video of the suspect at this time. Take us back again to her experience, as she's related it to you. Are there any telling details that might help her specifically identify, perhaps, the man we're seeing now? No, I don't think so. Who knows, though, what happened in the car for that period of time. Mom tries to articulate it. But really, it was just her trying to stay calm and her trying to hope and believe that she was going to be returned. And as far as motive, we don't know, honestly. We don't know the reason why this all occurred. Part of the reason I'm coming on today, is everybody's asking how mom's doing, how she's feeling. And I want to articulate that to afternoon. She's doing fine. I want to thank you all for caring about her. The other part is, law enforcement needs your help. By going on tv, hopefully somebody will know something about the case or somebody will see the suspect and offer a tip or a clue to the police department. Cal, interestingly, given the iconic name involved here, your fame and celebrity, was there any sense that he even knew who he kidnapped? Quite honestly, we don't know for sure. It was a premedicated act. There was a lot of stuff. And there was some planning that was involved in order to do this. All indications are there was no real reference to mom or the name. So, we're not sure about that. It could be anything. That's the bizarre nature of this case is, you know, could be a random act. Or it could be one that was much deeper than that. We have shown the surveillance video several times and that composite sketch. Cal ripken, we appreciate your time coming on. And from all of us at abc news, our best to your mother and our best in the search for her abductor. Thank you very much for the opportunity. All right. Now, let's turn to ginger

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{"id":16920019,"title":"Cal Ripken, Jr. on Mom's Abduction: 'It Was A Premeditated Act'","duration":"3:00","description":"The baseball great discusses his mother's kidnapping.","url":"/GMA/video/cal-ripken-jr-interview-moms-abduction-premeditated-act-16920019","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}