California Drenched Heading Into Oscar Weekend

ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the latest storms across the country.
3:00 | 03/02/14

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Transcript for California Drenched Heading Into Oscar Weekend
And one of the big questions this evening, the weather. California has come through a record bout of rain, and the storm is heading east across America. Ginger zee is in L.A. Far from the red carpet covering it. It's great to see you and be here. It is drying out, things are improving. I'm still in my rain gear. There will be lingering showers. Behind me, this is the los Angeles river. This is usually dry or just a trickle. Not much of anything. It's just one of the visuals that gives you an idea of what some 4 to over 1 inches of rain looks like. Wicked waves, shattering windows in this restaurant. Diners dashing for the door. Storm surges crashing high and hard in southern California, taking over this pier. Boats pushing ashore, injuring two workers after waves sliced into another ocean-side restaurant. He went through the door to the patio that had just been washed out by the wave. Reporter: Trees falling on cars, trucks balancing on bridges. The flooding rains torturing the freshly-torched foothills. Sending a rescue team rafting into the waters at malibu creek state park to find hikers. It will give us had false sense that everything is all right, we to want caution everybody. Reporter: Flooding and mud everywhere. Buy the sandbags. Reporter: Instagram and Twitter with #L.A. Rain. Rain pouring over gutters and damaged bridges, and cars in standing water in Los Angeles' Korea town. Drive slower. Reporter: With the four-day soak coming to an end, the looming threat of mud slides isn't going anywhere. The mud and water could be up to six feet. Reporter: We will see lingering showers in California, this storm is on the move already producing winter weather in many states, really, dozens will see this sort of storm affecting them. Look at this, this is from Kansas City earlier this morning. At the airport, you could hardly see anything. The snow coming down hard. Not just snow, but snow and ice. A lot of these places will pick up 6, 7, 8 inches. Show you what's going to happen. Time it out. A majority today into early tomorrow. The pink, that's 6-10 inches. Some spots, Washington, D.C., west into the mountains in west Virginia, you could see over a foot with this storm. That's the snowy part. Then we have to talk about the ice. I have seen pictures this morning of roads and windshields just smothered in ice from northeastern Arkansas to western -- excuse me, Tennessee, and Kentucky. That's the bullseye of ice with this storm. That's more today. Of course, we to want touch on the snow, and we have to go to Alex Perez in Indianapolis on the cold side. What are you seeing right now? Reporter: Hey, good morning. Here in Indianapolis they are bracing for 6-8 inches of snow. This storm is creating major problems as it treks across the country. Accident after accident, overnight that fast-moving storm coating the roads in Oklahoma City with dangerous ice. Denver, the snow and ice blamed for this huge pileup, killing one and injured 20. I saw red lights, and I'm underneath somebody els' car. Temperatures dropped 42 degrees in one day. At least 104 vehicles were involved in the pileup. In Montana overnight, the first glimpse at the home destroyed by an avalanche that buried three people, including an 8-year-old boy. Neighbors got them out, all three recovering. These people are our neighbors. It could have happened to anyof us. Reporter: Pennsylvania, bracing for up to a foot of snow, stockpiling mountains of salt, 20,000 tons after they were scrambling. In Indiana, another storm that could bring highways to a standstill. People came out for salt, and we have to turn them away. I don't think anybody has salt right now. Reporter: And not even the mighty New York yab a falls a match for the biting cold. 60% of the rushing waters, frozen. And the NHL's matchup with the black hawks and penguins, it was difficult to keep snow off the ice. And in Missouri, they are telling motorists to stay off the roadways unless it's absolutely necessary. It's a long day and a long night for the 100 million people in

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{"id":22737238,"title":"California Drenched Heading Into Oscar Weekend","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the latest storms across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/california-drenched-heading-oscar-weekend-22737238","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}