California Fire Chief on the Run, Considered Armed and Dangerous

The search intensifies for Orville Fleming after his fiancée was found dead.
2:27 | 05/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Fire Chief on the Run, Considered Armed and Dangerous
First, the all-out manhunt, intensifying for a suspected killer. A fire battalion chief being called armed and dangerous on the run for a week and a half now, after his fiancee was found dead. And word this morning, he may have gotten help hiding in the California wilderness. Bazi kanani is in our los Angeles with more. Good morning, bazny. Reporter: Investigators have few clues about where the fuj tooif firefighter may have fled. But he knows the California mountains well. And warning the public he has access to ones. Reporter: For the fire chief that once showed how to save Liv lives. And disappeared after his fiancee was stabbed to death in their California home. Investigators are searching the vast California wildlands, where 55 Orville mow Fleming has decades of experience, and special access. The key to gated roads and trails. We know that he's educated man. He is -- people have characterized him as intelligent. Reporter: Fleming might also have help. Investigators allege he was in contact with many escorts through a website and may have called one after abandoning his work truck. The most likely scenario is that someone picked him up in a vehicle. Reporter: Chilling details are emerging about the night that 26-year-old Sara Douglass was stabbed and strangled. Stephanie Douglass recalls the final phone conversation with her sister. Douglass' family says they disapproved of Sara's older fiancee. And Fleming's estranged wife said he sent text messages begging to reunite two days before the murder. He was saying I want mm family back. Come get me. Reporter: Megan Fleming says the last text was the most disturbing. Sent just hours after Douglass' death. You should have come and picked me up. The family of Sara Douglass is holding her funeral today. Investigators are posting flyers with his picture on them, hoping that someone might spot him. He might try to change his appearance by shaving his head and mustache.

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{"id":23667437,"title":"California Fire Chief on the Run, Considered Armed and Dangerous","duration":"2:27","description":"The search intensifies for Orville Fleming after his fiancée was found dead.","url":"/GMA/video/california-fire-chief-run-considered-armed-dangerous-23667437","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}