California Fires Resume After Frightening Weekend

L.A. fire captain Jaime Moore explains possible motives behind dangerous fires.
2:26 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for California Fires Resume After Frightening Weekend
Now to talk more. About this spree of fires as LA fire department captain. Jamie Moore and -- -- -- it's a very busy morning for you fires overnight what is the latest you could tell us in this investigations there. The latest side in this investigation is as of this morning we had twelve fires. -- for the evening we had ten fires in the -- of Los Angeles to fires in the city of West Hollywood. Our firefighters and law enforcement. -- have been working tirelessly. -- -- The commonality a lot of these fires as we have automobile fires that are intensely set underneath carport -- parking structures or -- to apartments. Where people actually residing. And kept and we understand that you're talking to somebody and -- that you may believe it's connect with this. Yes we are currently. Have a person of interest that they -- interviewing. Again we've been very very busy -- firefighters -- working tirelessly throughout the night combating these twelve fires we've had 55 fires in all since this. -- of fires began December 30. As you said a lot of people aren't -- who are working on this and the person that you are talking -- It's at the same person that we saw in a video that you said with a person of interest. It's still too early to speculate whether or not this is the same person. Product but again our law enforcement officers they haven't let their guard down they're still out looking for additional clues. Are arson investigators are looking all the fire scenes and doing everything they can two gathers much evidence is they can't. Not just to gather that evidence to see if one they want to build the strongest case possible. With regards to this -- of fires but also so that they can insure that if this is the work of more than one individual. Those other individuals don't get away and the thinking about that may be more than one individual -- overnight we have -- Hollywood studio city Sherman -- this is -- a large area. Of LA could be just one person. Hey it's always a possibility they could be just one individual. But we also have to look at the possibility of this being the the work of more than one. -- in the past the last two days we've seen that. As daybreak comes we start finding more clues and more evidence because there are fires it didn't quite take off. As were intended by this individual or these individuals my -- but as -- saying about real team effort -- always out there. And -- -- -- more thank you very much and all the bats going forward thank you sticky very metro.

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{"id":15272485,"title":"California Fires Resume After Frightening Weekend","duration":"2:26","description":"L.A. fire captain Jaime Moore explains possible motives behind dangerous fires.","url":"/GMA/video/california-fires-resume-frightening-weekend-man-now-custody-15272485","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}