8-Square-Mile Wildfire Ravaging California

A fast moving inferno 85 miles east of Los Angeles has forced 1,500 people to evacuate.
2:09 | 08/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8-Square-Mile Wildfire Ravaging California
They're happy. Now, though, to the out-of-control wildfire in southern cal, surging in just a few hours to more than 6,000 acres. Hundreds have been evacuated. Many homes burned. Abc's cecilia vega is in southern cal, right now. Good morning, cecilia. Reporter: Robin, good morning to you. And look at this, the flames stretch up to the top of that ridge. The difficulty here right now, the erratic nature of these flames. Firefighters have struggled to get them under control. The massive fire burned out of control all night long. Stretching eight-square miles. It was so bad, I thought i was going to die. A raging inferno 85 miles east of los angeles, where home after home went up in flames. When I left, I was backing out of my house. And there were flames all around my car. Reporter: This morning, the fire still rages on, destroying more than 15 structures, forcing more than 1,500 people to evacuate. But not everyone who wanted out could get out. Firefighters say the glablaze blocked the highway escape route. It was pretty scary. Reporter: This inferno called the silver fire, exploded quickly. Starting at 2:00 in the afternoon. In just four hours, it spanned more than 5,000 acres. Hundreds of firefighters raced to battle back flames any way they could. Navigating their way up steep hills and through the air, d.C.10 tankers and helicopters. It's going to be a long night out here. We'll have night-flying aircraft assisting us. Reporter: Two firefighters were hurt. So was a civilian who was air-lifted to the hospital. As the sun rises, new challenges of wind, dry conditions and dangerously steep terrain. And the hope out here is that crews will be able to gain ground in the early morning hours during these cooler temperatures. But it is very windy out here right now, robin. So many people waking up this morning, hoping their home survived. Absolutely. That wind not helping. Always surprising how quickly it can spread like that.

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{"id":19901479,"title":"8-Square-Mile Wildfire Ravaging California","duration":"2:09","description":"A fast moving inferno 85 miles east of Los Angeles has forced 1,500 people to evacuate.","url":"/GMA/video/california-wildfire-2013-square-mile-wildfire-ravaging-california-19901479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}