6 California wildfires burn out of control

More than 140,000 acres have been burned by wind-fueled flames with winds expected to pick up again through the weekend.
2:20 | 12/09/17

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Transcript for 6 California wildfires burn out of control
ground and now we're learning that they've claimed a woman's life. Yeah, she apparently was trying to escape in her car and the forecast could be ready to make the situation even worse. Here's ABC's Marci Gonzalez with more. Reporter: Hi, guys, good morning, that as residents of this neighborhood and others wait to be allowed back in. Some coming home to utter destuks like this. The garage where you see this scorched car and washer/dryer otherwise indiscernible from the rest of the house as there is that ongoing fight to protect other communities. Overnight firefighters relentlessly taking on these raging flames. When you see that -- all that Orange glow, that's scary. Reporter: On a mission to maintain the progress they've made battling the wildfires ravaging southern California for days. Fire is dwarfing the firefighters. Look at that. Reporter: That massive Thomas fire growing to more than 140,000 acres. Destroying more than 400 homes and other buildings. It's just devastation for them. Reporter: Officials say the powerful Santa Ana winds that have fueled the six fires burning this morning have calmed significantly for now giving firefighters a chance to gain some ground. Little bit of hope. You know, it was getting a little dire there for a little while. Reporter: At that inferno in Ventura county some evacuation orders lifted and in Los Angeles county most residents forced from their hopes now allowed to return. But you're not out of the woods just yet. No, absolutely not. Reporter: In San Diego county several people injured trying to escape from the fast-moving lilac fire. Among them a couple burned trying to save their horses from this training center. At least 25 of the thoroughbreds there killed. It's a very sad day. Reporter: That fire destroying more than 100 homes and other buildings. This morning it is 15% contained. It's all hands on deck and everybody is doing what we can to get this thing done and buttoned up. Reporter: But the winds are expected to pick up again tonight with the extreme fire danger remaining. At least through the rest of the weekend. Paula and Tom, back to you. Thanks, Marci. Our thoughts going out to the firefighters battling this right

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{"id":51688794,"title":"6 California wildfires burn out of control","duration":"2:20","description":"More than 140,000 acres have been burned by wind-fueled flames with winds expected to pick up again through the weekend.","url":"/GMA/video/california-wildfires-burn-control-51688794","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}